Workday Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Workday?


Workday is a new generation enterprise business service software application that combines payroll, human resources, finance, and purchasing. This cloud-based enterprise application combines an innovative approach and lesser cost of possession.

2) Name the different modules available in Workday?


The different modules present in Workday are

Workday Human Capital Management
Workday Financial

3) What kind of reporting is available in Workday?


Workday will give access to multi-dimensional and ongoing reports with the capacity to bore down to exchange level points of interest, and enable a worker or directors to make prompt move in Workday specifically off any report or diagnostic. Workday reports give you access to important information to make useful and significant decisions.

4) What are important features of Workday HCM (Human Capital Management)?


Talent Management
Human Resource Management
Workforce planning and Analytics
Project and Work Management
Time Tracking
Payroll Solutions
Big Data Analytics
Performance and goal management
Career and Development Planning

5) What kind of businesses can opt for Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)?


Large and Mid-size businesses can opt for Workday HCM

6) What do you mean by Enterprise Resource Planning?


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a methodology for integrally managing management resources (resources) such as human resources and facilities in a company and maximizing its effect. Refers to a method of integrally managing the entire enterprise from the viewpoint of effective utilization of management resources, and in the manufacturing industry, introduction of systems and software for centralized management of information related to sales operations such as inventory management and logistics etc.

7) What kind of browser is required to work with Workday?


Most of the internet browsers support Workday. One can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

8) What are the certifications course related to Workday?


Workday HCM
Workday Payroll
Workday Studio
Workday Integration

9) What are the advantages of Workday?


Since the transaction happening is real-time Workday offers instant access to data. One can get a more complete picture of your workforce. Managers can make data-driven decision by the reports available. The reports generated will enable managers to get more insight into the things happening in the business. Workday is flexible and helps managers to take data-driven judgments.

10) How Workday is related to ERP?


Workday became ERP for academic, human resources and payroll business processes as of July 2015.

11) How secure is Workday and do everyone can generate reports?


Login credential and settings are there to access Workday. One can decide level of access freedom and this decides which reports or data they can view.

12) How to access Standard Workday Delivered Report?


Browsing by Category in the Sitemap, running Workday Standard Reports or writing the name of a specific report in the search bar.

13) What is HCM?


The Human Resource Management (HRM) system or the Human Capital Management (HCM) system uses various forms and functions and handles ‘human resources’, the most valuable asset of the company.

Human resource management support systems such as HRM and HCM have been considered to help manage personnel (HR) experts. However, it is now used by managers and employees throughout the company.

14) What is RaaS report?


RaaS is an acronym for Report-as-a-Service. It is a kind of report prepared by Workday with web service enabled.

15) Mention few pre-production and post-production Workday Tenants?


Production tenant and Sandbox tenant are Post-production Workday Tenants, while Implementation tenant and Gold tenant are post-production Workday Tenants

16) How many HR product modules are under Workday Human Capital Management?


Workday HCM contains five modules

Workday Human Capital Management
Organization Management
Compensation Management
Employee benefit
Absence Management

17) How many updates are released by workday every year?


Workday releases two main updates per year. In 2017, update 28th was released in March 2017, and update 29th in September 2018.

18) Name some types of Workday Integrations?


The main Workday integrations are as follows

Workday Studio Integration
Cloud Connect Integration
Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration

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