Cognos Interview Questions & Answers

1)What is called Cognos Reporting tool?

Ans: Cognos is an IBM reporting tool which is used for reporting and analysis of various data from different datawarehouse.

2)What is Report item?

Ans: Report item is defined as a query item which can be dragged and dropped into a work area.

3)What is defined as Data mining?

Ans: Data mining is the process of getting hidden trends from a data ware house.

4)What are all the different types of prompt in Cognos?

Ans: Following are the different types of prompt in Cognos:

         Value prompt
         Text Prompt
         Date prompt
         Time prompt
         Date and time prompt

5)What do you mean by Drill Through report?

Ans: Drill through reporting is used to link from one report to another report. It has parent and child relationship between the reports.

6)What is defined as catalog and types of catalogs in Cognos?

Ans: A catalog is defined as a file which contains information on Database tables and Impromptu users can create reports.

Following are the types of catalog used:


7)What are all the advantages of Cognos?

Ans: Following are the advantages of Cognos:


8)What are all the types of indexes in Cognos?

Ans: Following are the types of Indexes in Cognos:

         Bitmap index
         B-tree index
         Function based index
         Reverse key and composite index

9)What are all the types of report?

Ans: Following are the types of report in Cognos:

         Blank report
         List report
         Cross report
         Chart report
         Repeater report

10)What are the types of studio present in Cognos?

Ans: There are five types of studio are :

        Query Studio
        Metrics Studio
        Analysis Studio
        Report Studio
        Event Studio

11)What is defined as Query studio?

Ans: Query studio is one of the studios in Cognos which is used to perform Adhoc queries.

12)What do you mean by drill across?

Ans: The drill across executes queries with the help of more than one cube.

13)What do you mean by Drill down and Drill Up?

Ans: Drill down is addition of grouping columns from the dimension tables whereas drill up is removing grouping columns from the dimension tables.

14)What is called materialized view?

Ans: A materialized view is a view which is physically stored in a database. This view is used to increase query performance by calculating costly operations.

15)What is a Pivot?

Ans: Pivot is used to rotate the axis of the cube to provide a different presentation on the data.

16)What are the steps to import the two data sources in framework manager?

Ans:It can be done in the Run Metadata Wizard.
First of all Go to Run Metadata Wizard–>Select another database ( ex. suppose SQL Server is choose in prior attempt, then you can choose Oracle as new data source). At the last import it.

17) Where the Determinants are used in Cognos framework manager?

Ans:A query subject that behaves as a dimension has multiple levels of granularity and it will be joined on the different sets of keys to fact data.

18) Name the types of filter in the report studio?

Ans:Tabular Grouped

19)Define Package?

Ans:It is a container for models, reports, and so on. Modelers can create packages in Framework Manager to publish the models to the Report Net server.

20)Name the components which get installed at the time of installation of Cognos Report Net Software?

Ans:Window Based
Web Based

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