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Hyperion Financial Close Management Training

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management HFCM is built for centralized, web based management of period end close activities across the extended financial close cycle. The first application of its kind, Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management training will help manage all financial close cycle tasks including ledger and sub ledger close, data loading and mapping, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, supplemental schedule management, tax/treasury and internal and external reporting processes

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Hyperion Financial Close Management Online Training Course Content

  Hyperion ARM: Hyperion Account Reconciliation Manager

  Audience: Accountants and Financial Analyst
  Pre-requisites :
  Advanced Preparation :
Learning Objectives

This course teaches you how to setup and Manage Account Reconciliations Manager module of Financial Close Management

Course Description
This session is designed for how to create the profiles, periods, Formats, load account balances, currency rates into periods , perform account reconciliations, and monitor account reconciliations workflow and Security
Course Summary

  Create Account Profiles

  Create formats

  Configure System Settings

  Set up Reconciliation workflow

  Create Periods and load balances

  Perform reconciliations and monitor the reconciliations process

  Report Binder

Detailed Agenda
ARM System Setting


  Currency Translation

  Profile Segments

  Aging Profiles

  System Attributes


  User Groups

  Assigning Security roles

  Viewing and provisioning Report

  Configuring power user security

  Enabling security Auditing

Reconciliation formats

  Reconciliation Methods

  Custom Attributes

  Reconciliation formats




  Profile properties




  Commentator and Viewer

Importing, Exporting and Updating Account profiles

  Importing and exporting Account profiles

  Create Basic and Advanced filters

  Bulk updating of Account profiles


  Creating profiles

  Copying Account profile into periods

  Identifying missing profile

  Identifying Invalid profile

  Updating Reconciliations

  Deleting Periods

Managing Reconciliations

  Opening Period

  Adding Transaction to reconciliations

  Submitting reconciliations

  Reviewing and approving Reconciliations

  Closing and Locking periods

Loading Balances

  Data Load process

  Running data Loads

  Viewing warnings

  Drill Through

Managing Reconciliations

  Opening Periods

  Adding Transactions to Reconciliations

  Submitting Reconciliations

  Reviewing and Approving Reconciliations

  Closing and Locking Periods

Monitoring Reconciliations

  Viewing Reconciliations and transactions in List Views

  Viewing Reconciliations in the Dashboard

  Customizing the Dashboard

  Creating Report Binders

  Viewing Report Binders

Reassigning Reconciliations

  Reassigning a reconciliation to a different user

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