Peoplesoft Interview Questions And Answers

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1)Explain what is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is an organization that provides e-business application software over the internet. It provides software for Human resource management, Supply chain management, CRM or Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management and so on.

2)Mention what all technical things can PeopleSoft billing can do?

With this application of PeopleSoft many things can be done like

Create bills
Receive billing data from other PeopleSoft applications
Receive billing data from other applications
Create recurring bills, installment bills, inter & intraunit bills and so on
Review and validate bills
Adjust invoices
Calculate sales, use, and value-added taxes
Defer revenue accounting and so on

3)How many types of pages are available in Peoplesoft?
There are total Nine types of pages are available in people soft.
Standard page
Secondary page
Sub page
Popup page
Header and
Footer page
Layout page
Search page
Prompt page

4)Explain what is the use of Publish Utility in PeopleSoft?

The publish utility automates the procedure of copying the contents of the entire table into a legacy system or remote database.

5)Mention what is PeopleSoft Multi-Channel framework?

PeopleSoft multi-channel framework provides an integrated infrastructure to support multiple interaction channels for call center agents or other PeopleSoft users who must respond to notifications and incoming requests. PeopleSoft multi-channel framework supports following channels.

Web collaboration (Chat)
Voice (Telephone)
Instant Messaging

6)Mention what are the different types of service operation does PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides?

PeopleSoft integration broker supports four types of services

Asynchronous one-way
Asynchronous response/request
Asynchronous to synchronous

7)What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?
Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name

8)You want to update your password and enter a hint for forgotten password What would you access?
User Profile

9)Customization done in Dev DB, Which tool I will use to move it to Prod DB?
Use App Designer and Go Tools > Copy Project > To Database

10)What are parts of an AE program?
Section, Step and Action

11)Which Web Services is only used as a Proxy Server?

12)Where does you set the web server cache?
Webserver file

13)Mention where you can add a value to the underlying table in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, you can add a value into the “prompt table with no edit”.

14)Explain in what ways you can create exceptions in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, exceptions are handled in two ways

Creating an exception base class that wraps the built-in function call and handles its function parameters consistently, which is more common way
By calling the built-in function CreateException

15)How do you troubleshoot Application messages staying in Working status?
Possible cause:
1. Message Handler has crashed.
2. The Message Handler processing the message is on another machine, and either the machine or the application server domain is down. The Message handler working on the message is “blocked”. The service will timeout, and the Message Dispatcher will retry the message.

16)what happens when changing from NO EDIT TO EDIT option?

user can type only prompt table values and the default values gets populated from the database.

17)What are the views available in App?

1. Development
2. Upgrade

18)What are Menu types available?

1. Component
2. PeopleCode
3. Separator

19)What are the Search Keys you use to find Patches and Fixes?

1. Release
2. Updated date time
3. Report Id

20)Mention what are the tools are provided by PeopleSoft for testing your integration development?

The tools that are provided by PeopleSoft for testing your integration development

Send master utility
Simple post utility
Automated integration point testing
Transformation test utility
Handler tester
Schema tester…………… For more  Click Here

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