Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Expert Interview Questions

Q. What do you mean by Cyberoam technology?
Cyberoam is an IT security company provides Products and Services to large scale industries. Cyberoam has its operations worldwide. The major countries included are India, Middle East countries, Latin America, and a few African states. The consumers of Cyberoam may consist of a top and personal governance businesses across India. Cyberoam is a type of firewall available for next-generation and UTM firewall. The main purpose of using Cyberoam is to protect DoS, IP spoofing, and any DDoS threats or attacks.

Q. Why we need Cyberoam technology?
The main purpose of using Cyberoam technology is as follows;

1. Security

a. Network security

-> Firewall

-> Infusion prevention system

->Web application firewall

b. Content security

-> Anti-virus spyware

-> Anti-spam

-> HTTPS/SSL content security

c. Administrative security

-> Next-generation User interface

-> IView logging and reporting

2. Connectivity

a. Business Continuity

-> Multiple link management

-> High availability

3. Productivity

a. Employee productivity

-> Content filtering

-> Instant messaging archiving and controls

4. IT resource optimization

-> Bandwidth management

-> Traffic discovery

-> Application visibility and control

5. Administrator productivity

-> Next-generation user interface.

Q. What do you mean by Cyberoam device?
Cyberoam device is a Unified hardware threat management application that provides full security to any business organization. The business organization may range from smaller to larger sections. With the help of the Cyberoam device, many security features will be integrated into a single named layer level 8 based platform, these features are very simple to use and effective.

Q. What are the key features of Cyberoam?
Below are the key features of Cyberoam;

  • This is a firewall device with all security features bundled in a single product.
  • Traditional UTM functions as a network firewall, network intrusion prevention system, anti-virus, anti-spam, web content solution, and load balancing solution in a box.
  • Can also generate reports and maintain the “states”.

Q. What are the functionalities of Cyberoam 8 technology?
Following are the main functionalities of Cyberoam 8 technology;

  • Helps to identify the attackers and sufferers along with the username can also be identified.
  • Offers instant visibility to gadget administrators into multiple sources.
  • Controlling can also be done with the help of the Cyberoam 8 new feature.
  • Allows the identity-based introduction guidelines.
  • Cyberoam 8 reporting used to utilize the track based identity, troubles, and Intrusions.

Q. What are the major components of Cyberoam?
Below are the major components of Cyberoam;

  • SCM
  • Instant messaging
  • CRM
  • Social networks
  • Peer-2-peer
  • Collaboration
  • Webmail

Q. What are the uses of Superior quality?

Superior quality is a revamped hardware design component,

a. Offers better performance,

-> Design and components supporting high-speed I/O capabilities

b. Highly robust,

-> Designed to help to protect the power surge and fluctuations

-> Industrial grade components to withstand extreme environments.

Q. Is Cyberoam Regulatory compliance?
Cyberoam is made up of 8 layers that are integrated to provide identity and control the devices. Cyberoam network security component enables organizations with all types of regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, and CIPA.

Q. What is Cyberoam captive portal and how can it be configured?
Cyberoam Captive portal is mainly used to validate the existing user Cyberoam community using internet browser user interfaces to access these community activities.

The configuration process can be done as follows;

Go to device directory -> then regulate the URL redirection -> then go to consumer logs this can be done through captive portal.

Q. How to customize the default SMS sent to guest users?
The steps included to customize the default SMS sent to guest users;

Step 1: first log in to the web admin console using profile read and write permission to provide applicable capabilities.

Step 2: Then go to the system -> select configuration -> go to messages and increase the system SMS customization.

Step 3: finally now click directly to edit -> the default SMS text.

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