AWS DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

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Which are the areas where DevOps are implemented?

  • Production Development
  • IT Operations development
  • Creation of the production feedback and its development

What is the popular scripting language of DevOps?

  • Python.

What are the types of HTTP requests?

The types of Http requests are

  • GET
  • HEAD
  • PUT
  • POST

What are the advantages of DevOps?
Technical benefits:
Continuous software delivery
Less complex problems to fix
Faster resolution of problems

Business benefits:
Faster delivery of features
More stable operating environments
More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain)

What are the core operations of DevOps in terms of development and Infrastructure?
The core operations of DevOps:

  • Application development
  • Code developing
  • Code coverage
  • Unit testing
  • Packaging

Deployment With infrastructure

  • Provisioning
  • Configuration
  • Orchestration
  • Deployment

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