OBIEE Online Training

OBIEE Online Training Course Content

Introduction to OBIEE:

Project Development
  • OLAP Specifications
  • Development of Business Requirement Specifications (BRS)
  • Development of Reporting Requirement Specifications(RRS)
Oracle Answers and Interactive Dashboards
  • Selection of the Subject Area
  • Creation of the Excel Sheet for Reporting Requirement Specifications using Business Requirement Specifications
  • Develop the Request in the Criteria
  • Generate the Reports using Results
  • Develop the logical calculations using advanced tab (set sql format)
  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Standard reports
  • 2-dimensional
  • Multi dimensional
  • List reports
  • Chart reports
  • Graph reports
  • Pie-chart reports
  • Pivot Tables.
  • Prompts (advance filters)
  • Cascading prompts
  • Dash board prompts
  • Testing the prompts with single Go button
  • Combined the requests from the different subject areas using set operators like Union, Intersect etc.
  • case statement generation (IF statement, IF-ELSE statement, SWITCH statement
  • Filters (Global and Local filters)
  • Generation of Expression and Aggregated functions
  • Download the reports in PPT and Excel sheet, etc formats
Interactive dashboards
  • Creation of the folder for different requests
  • Scheduling the reports
  • Generation of the iBots
  • Dashboard Management
  • Tabs creation for multiple Dashboards
  • Creation of the pages for different Dashboards
  • Installation of Oracle 10g and Configuration Schemas at DBA level
  • Installation of OBI EE.
  • Introduction ODBC Client of OBI.
Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Purpose
  • Overview
  • Scenario
  • Prerequisites
  • Getting Started
  • Logging In to Oracle BI Publisher
  • Setting Preferences
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on Oracle Database
  • Creating Report Layouts Using BI Publisher Desktop (Template Builder) in MS Word
  • Creating an RTF Template with a Table and a Chart
  • Publishing the Template for a BI Publisher Report
  • Formatting Template Using MS Word Native Features
  • Creating and Publishing Multiple Templates for a Report
  • Viewing Report Data in BI Publisher Using Templates
  • Creating a Report with Parameters and List of Values
  • Scheduling BI Publisher Reports
  • Configuring the BI Publisher Scheduler
  • Scheduling and Viewing Saved Output
  • Creating BI Publisher Reports Based on Various Data Sources
  • Creating a Report Based on Oracle BI Answers Request
  • Creating a Report Based on Oracle BI Server Subject Area
  • Creating a Report Based on Web Services
  • Creating a Report Based on HTTP Data Set
  • Creating a Report Based on File Data Set
OBIEE Administrator Architecture