AutoCAD Online Training | Live Tutorial Classes

1.Interface, Drawing Aids & Basic Objects

  • Getting Started
  • Introduction to interface
  • Units and Limits
  • Creating lines
  • Points, Circles and Arcs
  • Methods to achieve precision: I
  • Methods to achieve precision: II
  • Selecting objects

2.Complex Objects & Object editing

  • Editing Commands: I
  • Editing Commands: II
  • Assignment
  • Polylines, Rectangles, Polygons and Ellipses
  • Grip Editing, Normal and associative arrays
  • Properties and Properties panel
  • Layers: Concept, applications and options
  • Layers: Advanced options and shortcuts

3.Blocks & Annotations

  • Blocks: Concept and Application
  • Blocks: Design Center and Tools palette
  • Blocks: Attributes and Database extraction
  • Hatching: Concept, Methods and Options
  • Text and Formatting
  • Tables
  • Isometric planes and drawings

4.Plotting & Introduction to 3D

  • Dimensions: Types and Editing
  • Dimensions: Style Manager
  • Plotting: Model space and Paper space
  • Plotting: Printing
  • Introduction to 3D: 3D space and Visualization tools
  • Introduction to 3D: Basic 3D Solid modelling
  • Creating 3D Model
  • Project.


Upon the completion of this training, you will work on a project where they will implement different elements they have learned. The project will vary depending on your stream, it is as follows:

  • Civil/Architectural/Interior stream: Plans , Elevations , Sections , Layout drawings.
  • Electrical & Electronics stream: Electrical Schematic/ Single line/Circuit diagrams.
  • Mechanical stream: Mechanical Fabrication and Isometric drawings.

Along with good practical exposure students will also get ample theoretical know how in various core concepts in Computer Aided Design (CAD) which will help them perform well in an interview related with CAD.