Workday HCM Training Online

Workday HCM Training Online

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  • Core HCM Module
  • Advanced Compensation Module

Workday HCM Course Content

Course ContentKey FeaturesFAQs

1.Core Concepts and Navigation Basics

  •     Overview
  •     Core Concepts
  •     Business Objects
  •     Basic Navigation
  •     Additional Navigation Topics

Activity (Hands on): Search and Navigation

2.Organizations in workday

  • Overview
  • Supervisory organizations
  • Reorganization

Activity: Create location, Reorganization, Supervisory organization.

  • Managing supervisory organizations

Activity: Create subordinate Supervisory organizations

  : Dividing Supervisory organizations

: Assign Superior Organizations

  • Additional Organization types and Organizational Hierarchies

Activity: Create a company organization

  • Organization Hierarchies

Activity: Create a cost center and cost center Hierarchies.

: Add location to Location Hierarchy

: Organizational Assignments.

3.Staffing Models

  • Various types of Staffing Models
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Differentiating staffing models

Activity: Select and Edit the Staffing model

4.Jobs and positions

  • Job profiles
  • Differentiating Jon Profiles, Job families and job family groups

Activity: Creating a job profile

  • Creating positions and jobs

Activity: Create Positions

  : Set hiring restrictions on job management organizations

: Assign position to Assignable roles

  • Managing filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs


  • Compensation overview
  • Compensation Eligibility Rules

Activity: Create Compensation rules

  • Compensation Grades

Activity: Create compensation Grade and assign to job profiles

  • Compensation plans
  • Compensation Package

Activity: Create Compensation Plans and Compensation Package

                  : Compensation Rule Assignment

  • Compensation Events
  • Total Compensation Report
  • Compensation Reports

6.Hiring Workers

  •  Process overview
  • Hire Process

Activity: Hire into Supervisory Organization

7.Workday Configurable Security

  • Configurable Security
  • Security Groups

Activity: Security Group Assignments

  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies

Activity: Navigate Functional Areas and View Security for Securable Item

               : Modify Domain Security Policy

: Modify Business Process Security Policy

: Hire into Supervisory organization


8.Configuring Business Processes

  • Business Process Frame work
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process and sub processes

Activity: Copy Business Process of Supervisory Organization

                  : Edit the Hire of Supervisory Organization

  • Business Process Step Configuration

Activity: Configure Business Process Steps

: Create Business Process Notification

  • Rule based Business Process
  • Deploying Business Process

9.Additional Staffing Transactions

  • Contracting Contingent Workers

Activity: Contract a contingent Worker

                  : Convert a Contingent Worker

  • Staffing movement
  • Switch primary Job

Activity: Change Job

  • Termination

Activity: Termination

  • Job Overlap

Activity: Job Overlap


10.Event Management

  • Finding an event
  • Task Reassignment and Request Reassignment
  • Request Delegation Change

Activity:Request Delegation Change

                  :Rescind an Event

  • Correct Business Process
  • Correct a hire event
  • Move workers and inactivate supervisory organization

11:Self Service

  • Viewing Personal Data
  • Professional Profile
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service

Activity: Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service

12. Integration Overview (Types of Integration)

2. Advanced Compensation Module

Merit Process

  • Setup Merit Plans
  • Create Merit Plans
  • Create Custom Merit Statements
  • Initiate Merit process
  • Manage multiple compensation Events during merit process
  • Change Merit pools
  • Distribute Merit polls to organizations
  • Launch Employee Merit Awards
  • Propose Employee Merit Awards
  • Review promotions in Merit Process
  • Approve Employee Merit Awards
  • Release Merit Statements
  • Request Merit Adjustment Using EIB

Bonus Process

  • Setup Bonus Plans
  • Create Deferred Bonus calculations
  • Create Bonus Plans
  • Create future payment plans
  • Create future payment plans and True ups
  • Steps: Pay for company performance
  • Create compensation score cards
  • Create compensation score card results
  • Company performance options
  • Assign future payment plans to employees
  • Calculate outstanding balances for future payment plans
  • Recind Bonuses for individual employees.
  • Steps: Setup Eligible earnings overrides for Bonuses
  • Crete Eligible earnings overrides for Bonuses
  • Give Bonuses to Multiple Employees
  • Steps: Request Bonus Payment Using EIB

STOCK Process.

  • Steps: Set Up Stock Plans
  • Create Stock Plans
  • Request Stock Grants
  • Add Stock Grants
  • Initiate Stock Processes
  • Manage Multiple Compensation Events During Stock Processes
  • Change Stock Pools
  • Distribute Stock Pools to Organizations
  • Launch Employee Stock Grants
  • Propose Employee Stock Grants
  • Approve Employee Stock Grants
  • Update Stock Grants
  • Steps: Request Stock Grant Using EIB
  • Steps: Update Stock Grants Using EIB

One Time Payment

  • Steps: Manage One-Time Payment
  • Create One-Time Payment Plans
  • Request One-Time Payments for Employees
  • Steps: Request One-Time Payment Using EIB

Compensation Basis

  • Create Configurable Compensation Basis
  • Create Calculation Compensation Basis
  • Concept: Compensation Basis

What are the objectives and learning outcomes of workday course?

Workday online course enables you to drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system. Workday course focuses on comprehensive insights on offerings of workday software.

Here are teh Workday course objectives:

  • In-depth understanding of the workday’s comprehensive suite of products
  • Foundational understanding of Core Concepts and Navigation Basics of Workday
  • Features of workday such as Accounting and Finance, Revenue management and so on
  • Usage of reports, calculated fields and transactions in workday
  • You should execute a real-time project based on the comprehensive course curriculum
  • You will get to know the related jobs and job trends in the industry

Spiritsofts Workday HCM Online Training classes are designed & imparted in a systematic manner by the industry-expert trainers that makes it very easy to acquire and expand Workday skills quickly. We create highest quality HD content with live examples & provide complete guidance during & after the training is over. So, you can start working in this field once you complete the training successfully.

Who should opt for workday certification course?

Workday is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. Workday professionals are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies. As such, there are no prerequisites for learning workday. With a number of job opportunities in workday, the following job roles will get benefited from this course

  • All the Executives
  • Generalists
  • IT Professionals
  • Leads
  • Managers and Employees
  • Project Managers
  • Security Personnels and
  • System Administrators

What projects are included in this course?

An in-depth knowledge on a workday project which focuses on all the critical components of workday will be provided by our trainer. As a result, you can increase your visibility and increase your efficiency and draw real connections between different components of workday. You will also get the complete material covering all the aspects of this project.

Who Are The Trainers?
Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Spiritsofts verifies their technical background and expertise.
What If I Miss A Class?
We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.
How Will I Execute The Practical?
Trainer will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.
If I Cancel My Enrollment, Will I Get The Refund?
If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.
Will I Be Working On A Project?
The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.
Are These Classes Conducted Via Live Online Streaming?
Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.
Is There Any Offer / Discount I Can Avail?
There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.
Who Are Our Customers?
As we are one of the leading providers of Live Instructor LED training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Qatar, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other parts of the world.

We are located in USA. Offering Online Training in Cities like New York, New jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Baltimore, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Edison, Jacksonville, Towson, Salt Lake City, Davidson, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Alexandria, Sunnyvale, Santa clara, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Franklin, Tacoma, California, Bellevue, Austin, Charlotte, Garland, Raleigh-Cary, Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, Honolulu, Columbus, Raleigh, Nashville, Plano, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Saint John, Vancouver, Richmond, Mississauga, Saskatoon, Kingston, Kelowna, Hyderabad Ameerpet, Bangalore, Noida, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubbai, Doha, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Wellington, Auckland etc…

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