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MS SQL Server Online Training

MS SQL Server Online Training Course Content

What is an MS SQL Server? MS SQL Server Online Training

SQL Server is Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is a full-featured Database primarily designed to against competitors Oracle DB Database and MySQL. Like SQL Server supports ANSI SQL, RBDMS, the standard SQL language.

Module I : SQL & T-SQL Server

SQL Server Introduction & Installation
SQL Server Database Design
SQL Server Table Design
Normal Forms, Keys & Constraints
Views, Joins and Sub Queries

Module II : T-SQL Queries & Programming

Indexes and Query Tuning
Stored Procedures (SPs) & Tuning
Cursors and Joins with Procedures (SPs)
Functions (UDF) and Sub Queries
Triggers and Data Audits, DTC
Module III : Real Time Project
Understanding Real-time Databases
Multi Server Data Access, Query Tuning

Linked Servers and Data Distribution
Configuring Linked Servers (Remote)
sp_addlinkedserver & sp_addsrvlogin
SQL Server & Non-SQL Server Products
Using MSDTC for Remote Queries
Using OPENROWSET for Remote Queries
Multi User and Multi Database Access
Real-world Query Blockings & Solutions
Self Joins and CTEs – Query Tuning
Using CTE and Temp Tables in SProcs
Transactions in Procedures (SPs), Functions

Understanding Transactions Concepts
ACID Properties, Transaction Types
EXPLICIT Transactions and Usage
IMPLICIT Transaction Types, Options
AUTOCOMMIT Transaction Advantages
Transactions Nesting – Rules & Usage
SAVEPOINT, Query Blocking Scenarios
Lock Hints and Remote CTE Queries
XML Data and Full Text Search (FTS)

XML Formats and Query Options
Sub Queries in T-SQL with XML
Releated Sub Queries with XML
XML PATH and Custom ROOT Options
Indexing XML Data for Performance
XML Operations on Views, Synonyms
Nested Queries & XML Limitations
KEYSET Cursors with XML Options
Full Text Search Service Options
Full Text Catalog and FT Indexes
Storing BLOB / CLOB Data (Docs, Pdf)
BULK..INSERT Commands – Options
OPENROWSET and Bulk Data Loads
SQL Server Architecture (Detailed)

Gearing for 70-461 Certification
Client Server Architecture – Detailed
TCP/IP, Named Pipes, Shared Memory
TDS Packets and Network Options
Storage Architecture, Transaction, IO
Query Parse, Optimizer, Mini LSN
Write Ahead Log, Lazy Writer Threads
SQL Engine and SQL Manager @ Query
SQLOS and Thread, Log Schedulers


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