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MicroStrategy Training

MicroStrategy Training brings to you the report performance using VLDB settings and creating a DB instance and user groups. The MicroStrategy platform supports interactive dashboards, scorecards, highly formatted reports, ad hoc query, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution

Micro Strategy  Online Training Curriculum

Getting started with Business Systems

Why Business Intelligence? Different Roles and Responsibilities in a business and their Reporting needs. Introduction to BI Architecture / Lifecycle Stages.

  • Defining BI and its Importance
  • Architecture of Data Flow
  • Stack description in BI
  • Describing Reporting needs in business through a model
  • Queries from Business Owner
  • Understanding the requirement of BI system
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  • Example of BI Query
  • Delivering information through BI platform
  • BI platform in BI technology stack
  • Information delivery in BI
  • BI becoming the Market Leader
  • Introducing Dimension hierarchy
  • Product dimension hierarchy
  • Implementation of MD model
  • Analysis techniques in OLAP
  • Understanding Report type through List Matrix

Microstrategy10 Components Overview

  • Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Architect
  • Microstrategy report services
  • Advanced Microstrategy desktop
  • Microstrategy Intelligence server
  • Microstrategy Narrowcast server
  • Microstrategy Administration
  • Introduction to Microstrategy webserver

Microstrategy 10 Desktop

  • Introduction to Microstrategy Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Microstrategy Desktop & Architecture
  • Configuration Objects
  • Public Objects
  • Schema Objects
  • Creating and saving reports in desktop
  • Report Manipulating in desktop

Data Manipulations + Style Manipulation

  • Creating and saving basic report filters
  • Creating, formatting and saving basic metrics
  • Microstrategy OLAP services in desktop
  • Report Objects
  • View filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Creating and saving basic prompts & searches

Microstrategy 10 Architect

  • Introduction to Microstrategy Architect
  • The logical data model
  • The physical warehouse schema
  • Advance Data modeling and schema design
  • Many to many relationships
  • Role attributes
  • Introduction to project creation in Microstrategy architect
  • Creating microstrategy facts
  • Creating microstrategy attributes
  • Creating microstrategy hierarchies
  • Project configuration workshop
  • Project optimization and maintenance
  • Maintaining your project overtime aggregate tables
  • Partitioning & partition mappings transformation

Microstrategy report services

  • Introduction to enterprise reporting
  • Document basics
  • Document design concepts
  • Useful design techniques
  • Microstrategy office overview

Advanced Microstrategy desktop

  • Introduction to advance reporting
  • Advanced metrics
  • Advanced filters
  • Consolidations and custom groups
  • Advanced prompts & OLAP services
  • Drill maps
  • Report data options

Microstrategy Intelligence server

  • Introduction to Microstrategy administration
  • Administration and query flow
  • Connectivity
  • Startup and administration interface
  • Security
  • Microstrategy intelligence server administration
  • Caching and scheduling
  • Datamarts
  • Clustering

Microstrategy Narrow server

  • Narrow server overview
  • Microstrategy Administration
  • MSTR Installation
  • Object manager
  • Project duplication
  • Groups and user creation
  • Command manager

Introduction to Microstrategy web server

  • Expsure to mstr10
  • New concepts included in mstr10
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