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Devops Online Training

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Devops Course Content

Introduction of Devops

  • Devops for entire Business
  • Devops for entire IT
  • Devops for  Developer
  • Devops for Testing
  • Devops for  Operations Team
  • Role of Devops in Agile Scrum


Ansible Introduction & Setup

  • Configuration Management & Orchestration
  • Environment Setup
  • Installation



  • Inventory
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Host Selection
  • Tasks
  • Plays
  • Playbook Execution
  • cfg


Modules and Ad hoc Commands

  • Firewalld
  • Uri
  • Get_URL
  • Service
  • User
  • Command
  • Shell
  • Copy
  • Fetch
  • Archive / Unarchive
  • File
  • Setup
  • Etc


YML Scripting

  • Basics of YML
  • How to write & test YML Scripts
  • YML scripting for writing Play Book


Play Book for CM automation

  • Writing play books
  • Execution of playbooks
  • System facts and Custom facts
  • Play book Notification
  • Play book tags & handlers
  • Exception handling



  • Roles Overview
  • Converting to Roles:
  • yml: include
  • Variables: facts
  • External Roles & Galaxy


Advanced Execution

  • Introduction
  • Removing Unnecessary Steps
  • Extracting Repetitive Tasks
  • Limiting Execution by Hosts
  • Limiting Execution by Tasks
  • Idempotence: changed_when, failed_when
  • Accelerated Mode and Pipelining


Troubleshooting, Testing, &Validation

  • Troubleshooting Ordering Problems
  • Jumping to Specific Tasks: list-tasks, step, start-at-task
  • Retrying Failed Hosts
  • Syntax-Check & Dry-Run: syntax-check, check
  • Debugging: debug


Docker Introduction

  • Installing Docker
  • Code or Text Editor for Docker and Compose files
  • Terminal Emulator and Shell for Docker


Creating and Using Containers

  • Starting a Nginx web server
  • What Happens When We Run a Container
  • Container VS. VM
  • Manage Multiple Containers
  • CLI Process Monitoring
  • Getting a Shell Inside Containers: No Need for SSH
  • Package Management Basics: apt, yum, dnf, pkg
  • Docker Networks: Concepts for Private and Public
  • Docker’s –format option for filtering cli output


Container Images

  • What’s In An Image
  • Official Docker Image Specification
  • The Mighty Hub: Using Docker Hub Registry Images
  • List of Official Docker Images
  • Images and Their Layers: Discover the Image Cache
  • Images and Containers From Docker Docs
  • Image Tagging and Pushing to Docker Hub
  • Building Images: The Docker file Basics
  • Building Images: Running Docker Builds
  • Building Images: Extending Official Images


Docker Compose: The Multi-Container Tool

  • Docker Compose and The docker-compose.yml File
  • The YAML Format: Sample Generic YAML File
  • Compose File Version Differences (Docker Docs)


Getting started with Jenkins

  • Getting started with Jenkins
  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Install Jenkins
  • Jenkins’ Architecture and Terms of Jenkins of
  • Jenkins UI : Dashboard and Menus
  • Create Our First Jenkins Job


Continuous Integration with Jenkins

  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Install Git and Jenkins GitHub Plugin
  • Install Maven on Our Local Box
  • Configure Jenkins to Work with Java, Git and Maven
  • Text Direction: Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Project
  • Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Project
  • Trouble Shooting: Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Project
  • Run our First Jenkins Build and Jenkins Workspace
  • Source Control Polling in Jenkins
  • Text Direction: Source Control Polling in Jenkins
  • Other Build Triggers of Jenkins
  • Text Direction: Other Build Triggers


Continuous Inspection with Jenkins

  • Code Quality and Code Coverage Metrics Report
  • Jenkins’ Support for Gradle, Ant and Shell Scripts


Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

  • Archive Build Artifacts
  • Install and Configure Tomcat as the Staging Environment
  • Deploy to Staging Environment
  • Jenkins Build Pipeline
  • Parallel Jenkins Build
  • Deploy to Production
  • Trouble Shooting: Deploy to Production


Distributed Builds (Master-Slave)

  • Introduction to Distributed Jenkins Build
  • Install Jenkins Master Node in the Cloud
  • Text Direction: Install Jenkins Master Node in the Cloud
  • Install Jenkins Slave Agents in the Cloud
  • Text Direction: Install Jenkins Slave Agents in the Cloud
  • Concurrent Jenkins Build and Label Jenkins Build
  • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins


Pipeline as Code (Using Groovy)

  • Basics groovy scripting
  • Writing groovy code to implement CICD
  • Groovy Jenkins files
  • User approvals
  • Checkout the code from GIT
  • Deploying the code into web server

Build Promotions



  • Creating account in Subversion
  • Installing tortoise SVN
  • Check in and checkout of SVN
  • Branch and Trunck



  • Installation
  • Git local repo and GIT Hub
  • Configuration
  • Basic Commands
  • Branches
  • push and pull from GIT Hub



  • Introduction
  • Understanding build process
  • Creating Maven from command prompt
  • Maven Dependencies
  • Maven Stages
  • Maven Repositories
  • Maven Plugins
  • Integrating maven with Jenkins




  • Installation of Nagios
  • Configuring Nagios
  • Monitoring with Nagios
  • Triggering Alerts



  • Environment setup in AWS
  • Cloud Deployment Scenarios in AWS
  • Continuous Delivery in AWS
  • Using Vagrant in AWS
  • Using Docker containers in AWS



  • Basic Commands
  • File Operations
  • Redirection
  • Piping
  • Permissions
  • User Controls
  • Shell Scripting


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