SSRS Online Training

SSRS Online Training

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  25 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers


SSRS Management and Security

  • Deployment Procedures
    • Preparing for Deployment
    • Primary Pre-requisites
    • Deployment Phases
    • Securing Manifest Files
    • Deployment Options
    • Verification Techniques
  • File System Deployment
    • File System Deployment
    • Package Execution Options
    • File System Security
  • SQL Server Deployment
    • SQL Server Deployment
    • Package Execution Options
    • SQL Server Security
    • File System Versus MSDB
  • Deployment Management
    • Configuration Limitations
    • Command-Line Deployments
    • SSIS Utilities and Usage
    • Package Backup Procedures
    • Fine-tuning Deployment


SSRS Development

  • Introduction to SSRS
    • Need For Reporting
    • Introduction to Reporting Services
    • Why SQL Server Reporting Services?
  • Reporting Services Architecture
    • Three-Phase Life Cycle
    • Reporting Engine Architecture
    • SSRS 2005 and IIS
    • Configuring SSRS 2005
  • Introduction to SSRS Tools
    • Report Designer
    • Report Builder
    • Report Manager
    • RSCONFIG Tool
  • Report Planning and Design
    • SSRS Report Planning
    • Using SSIS to extract Data Sources
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
    • Optimizing Data Sources
  • Report Data Sets
    • Creating Data Sets
    • Configuring Dynamic Data Sets
  • Report Designs
    • Designing Wizard based Reports
    • Designing Custom Reports
    • Using Tables and Matrix
    • Chart Based Reports and Images
    • Using SSRS Expressions
    • Using SSRS Globals
    • Sub Reports and Usage
    • Deployment Options
    • BUILD and DEPLOY Options


Advanced Reports

  • Using Report Designer
    • Parameters and Dynamic Populations
    • Report Filters in Data Sets
    • Sub Reports
    • Pie Charts and Data Bars
    • Exporting Reporting Data
    • Understanding RDL Entries
  • Delivering Reports
    • Report Delivery
    • Accessing and controlling reports
  • Report Builder
    • Using Report Builder 1.0
    • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
  • Monitoring Reports
    • Report Manager Tool
    • Report Server Configurations
    • Report Designer Vs Report Builder


Managing Reports

  • Managing Reports
    • Report Manager Configurations
    • Managing Data Sources Security
    • Exporting and Importing Reports
    • Creating Global Schedules
    • Snapshot Management and Schedules
    • ReportServerTempdb Usage
    • Managing Reporting Engine
    • System Events and Audits
    • Event Handling
    • Fine-Tuning Reports
  • Scheduling and Subscriptions
    • Creating Standard Subscriptions
    • Data-Driven Subscriptions
    • Deciding the Target Paths
    • Subscription Logging Options
  • SSRS Security
    • Data Source Security
    • Report Server Security Levels
    • Report Server DB Security
  • SSRS Configurations
    • Configuration Options
    • Managing Configurations Files
    • Choosing correct Config Values
  • Server Upgrades
    • Upgrading SSRS Reports
    • Upgrading SSRS Databases
    • Scale-out Deployment


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