Oracle Project Accounting Training

Oracle Project Accounting Training

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  30 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers

Project Fundamentals

  • Oracle Projects Overview
  • Project Foundation Overview
  • Project Organizations
  • Project Organization Hierarchies
  • PA Periods
  • Project Roles
  • Project Statuses
  • Project Classifications
  • Project Service Types
  • Rate Schedules
  • Project Implementation Options
  • Project Classes
  • Project Types
  • Project Templates
  • Defining Projects
  • Task Fundamentals

Project Costing

  • Basics Of Project Costing
  • Project Costing Integration Points
  • Project Costing Flow
  • Types of Costs
  • Expenditure Types
  • Expenditure Categories
  • Expenditure Type Classes
  • Expenditures
  • Pre-Approved Expenditure Batches
  • Expenditure Entry
  • Transaction Import
  • Review Expenditures
  • Transaction Controls
  • Cost Components
  • Raw Cost Calculation
  • Burden Cost Calculation
  • Burden Schedules
  • Burden Structure
  • Calculating Burden Multiplier
  • Additive Burden Structure
  • Precedence Burden Structure
  • Same Line Burdening
  • Separate Line Burdening
  • Total Burdened Costs
  • Auto Accounting Basics
  • Cost Distribution
  • Cost Interface to GL
  • GL to PA Cost Drilldown

Project Billing

  • Basics Of Project Billing
  • Multi Currency Billing
  • Overview of Contract Projects
  • Agreements
  • Project Funding
  • Top Task Billing
  • Distribution Rules
  • Billing Events
  • Auto Accounting Rules for Billing
  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Interface to GL
  • Projects Invoice Generation
  • Projects Invoice interface to AR
  • Auto Invoice Import in AR and Tieback
  • AR to PA Drilldown

Project Integration Flows

  • Oracle Payables to Projects Integration
  • Oracle Purchasing to Projects Integration
  • OTL to Projects Integration
  • Oracle Inventory to Projects Integration

Project APIs

  • Project Foundation APIs
  • Project Costing APIs
  • Project Billing API

Project Client Extensions

  • Project Costing Client Extensions
  • Project Billing Extensions
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