Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Oracle Fusion SCM Training

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Fusion Applications Overview

What is Fusion Applications and how it is different from Oracle Apps

Fusion Applications Implementation Models

Fusion Applications Architecture

What applications are included in Fusion SCM

Fusion Financials Middleware

Define Enterprise Structure in Fusion Supply Chain Management

Manage Enterprise Structure for Initial Configuration

Define Reference Data Sets

Create Locations

Manage Business Units

Assign Business Unit Business Function

Manage Business Unit Set Assignments

Manage Inventory Organizations

Manage Sub inventories

Inventory & Product Data Hub

Define Locations

Define Shifts

Define Workday Patterns

Define Schedules

Define Item Organization

Define Inventory Organization

Manage Organization Parameters

Assign Data Roles to Implementation user

Manage Item Profiles

Define Unit of Measurement Profile Options

Unit Of Measure Classes

Manage UOM Conversions

Check Life Cycle Phase

Define Attribute Groups

Manage Item Class

Administer Item Status

Administer Item Type

Create Item DFFs

Manage Catalog Key Flexfield

Default Catalog

Manage Inventory Profile Options

Define Sub inventories

Inter-Org Parameters

Receiving Parameters

Receiving Profiles

Inventory Transactions

Product Management (Product Data Hub)

Define Item Organization

Check Life Cycle Phase

Define Attribute Groups

Manage Item Class

Administer Item Status

Administer Item Type

Item Relationships

Item Structures (Bill of Materials)

Core Purchasing

Manage Requisition Business Function

Manage Procurement Business Function

Setup Purchasing Profiles

Setup Document Numbering

Setup Line Types for Purchasing

Document Styles Setup

Requisition Descriptive Flex fields

Purchasing Descriptive Flex fields

Setup Common Options for Payable and Procurement

Setup Procurement Agents

Setup Receiving Parameters

Setup Requisition Approvals

Setup Purchase Order Approvals

Manage Transaction Accounting Builder

Receipt Accounting


Create Requisition

Approve Requisition

Convert Requisition to Purchase Order

Approve Purchase Order

Create Receipt

Costing management

Concept of Cost Organization

Data Role for Cost Organizations

Define Cost Books.

Define Cost Org Relationship

Concept of Cost Analysis Group

Define Valuation Structures

Define Cost Element

Mapping of Cost Components

Manage Cost Component Group

Cost Profiles

Default Cost Profile

Define Valuation Units

Manage Sub ledger Accounting Method

Cost Management Mapping Sets

Cost Analysis Mapping

Transfer Transactions from Inv to Costing

Transfer from Receiving to Costing

Manage Run Controls

Do Transactions and View Accounting Entries

Order Management

COGS / DCOGS Account Setup

Manage Ship confirm Rules

Manage Shipping Parameters

Manage Order Management Parameters

Manage Order Orchestration Source System

Manage Orchestration Process

Assign Orchestration Process Rule


Create Price List

Create Customer Profile

Create Pricing segment

Create Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy Assignment

Global order promising

Create ATP Rule

Assign ATP Rule to Item and Organization

Create Sourcing Rules

Assign Sourcing Rules to Assignment Sets

Run Collections

Sales order flow

Create Sales Order

Book Sales Order

Pick Release

Ship Confirm

Interface to Account Receivables

Oracle transactional business intelligence (otbi)


Create reports using OTBI

Data conversions

Suppliers Conversion

Customers Conversions

Items Conversions

PO Conversions, etc

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