Oracle Business Intelligence Training

Oracle Business Intelligence Training

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  40 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers

Oracle Business Intelligence Course Content


  •  Introduction to BIP
  •  Login and Navigating BIP
  •  BIP Administration Menu
  •  Data Model Editor
  •  Reports Layout Editor
  •  Report Jobs
  •  P6 Administrator/Application Settings
  •  P6 Administrator/Global Scheduled Services
  •  P6 Projects/Publishing Parameters
  •  Running BIP Reports from P6

Introduction to SQL

  •  Introduction to Databases
  •  Introduction to SQL Developer
  •  SQL Overview
  •  SQL Basics – SELECT, FROM
  •  WHERE and JOIN types
  •  SUM, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, calculations
  • Accumulating Values
  • Nested JOINS

Introduction to Px Tables/Synonyms

  •  Px Schema/ Extended Tables Overview
  •  Px Synonyms (P6Project, P6Activities
    • P6ActivityCodeAssignment, P6ActivitySpread
    • P6ProjectCodeType, P6ProjectCode
    • P6ProjectCodeAssignments, and other synonyms)
  •  Fields/Columns
  •  Linking Px Tables

BI Publisher Navigation

  •  Catalogs
  • Copy/Paste
  •  Rename
  •  Cut/Paste
  •  Delete
  •  Download Files
  •  Upload Files

Introduction to Data Model Editor

  •  Overview
  •  Properties
  •  Datasets
  •  Query Builder
  •  List of Values
  •  Parameters
  •  XML Sample Data

Introduction to Report Layout Editor

  •  Overview
  •  Creating a Report
  •  Report Editor
  •  Layout Editor
  •  Adding Layout Grids
  •  Text Item and Data Fields
  •  Data Tables
  •  Repeating Section
  •  Report Defaults
  •  Report Parameters

Introduction to Template Builder (Word Add-on)

  •  Exporting Templates
  • Loading XML Data
  •  Adding Objects (Text Items, Data Tables, Charts)
  •  Object Properties
  •  Formulas
  •  Uploading Templates to BIP
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