Informatica Online Training

Informatica Online Training

Enroll for Online Informatica Training Course in Spiritsofts the Best institution in the Market. Learn Informatica Classes by Certified Professional. We provides best Training with Material PDF and real time scenarios.

We have facility to pay the course fee in Installment wise, once gone through the training we share the tutorial videos of everyday. At finally the trainer will share Interview Question and Answers, Resume Preparation and Job Assistance & Support.

We do offer Fast-Track Online Informatica Training and One-to-One Informatica Training, Corporate Training and Classroom Training Here are the major topics we cover under this Informatica course Syllabus Data warehousing, Informatica/ETL tools, Informatica Designer, Working with Transformations, Creating Workflows, Real-Time Implementation with Informatica. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

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  40 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers



Introduction to Data warehousing

  • Overview of a OLTP/Transactional system
  • Forms of Normalization
  • Pros/Cons of having an OLTP system in real time reporting.
  • Need of a data warehouse.
  • Data warehouse layer architecture.
  • Designing a warehouse using Star/Snowflake schemas.
  • Logical/Physical Models in Erwin


Introduction to Informatica/ETL tools

  • The role of ETL tools in data warehousing.
  • An introduction to Informatica
  • Informatica Architecture
  • Components/Process flow


Informatica Designer

  • Basic Concepts
  • Using the designer.
  • Working with the Sources-Source Analyzer
  • Working with Relational/Flat file targets- Warehouse Designer.
  • Defining Keys in Informatica.
  • Working with Transformations –Transformation Developer
  • Working with Mapplets- Mapplet designer.
  • Creating mappings –Mapping Designer.
  • Understanding Pipelines in mappings.
  • Setting Target Load order.
  • Configuring Constraint Based loading.
  • Introduction to Mapping Parameters/Variables.
  • Implementing Type1, Type2, and Type3 Mappings.
  • Loading Fact tables.


Working with Transformations

  • Active/Passive Transformations
  • Caching concepts in Informatica.
  • Connected/Unconnected Transformation
  • Importance of Source Qualifier.
  • Filter, Router
  • Expression
  • Sorter, Aggregator
  • Rank
  • Joiner
  • Lookup
  • Stored Procedure
  • Sequence generator
  • Union
  • Transaction Control
  • Update Strategy
  • Xml transformation
  • Normalizer


Creating Workflows

  • Understanding the server Architecture
  • Working with Workflows
  • Working with Tasks Assignment,Command,Decision,Control,Event raise,
  • Event Wait,Timer,Email,Session Task
  • Working with Work lets
  • Working with Sessions
  • Understanding Commit Points
  • Recovering Data
  • Monitoring Work flows
  • Using Multiple Servers
  • Log files
  • Row Error Logging
  • Session parameters
  • Parameter files
  • Using Incremental Aggregation


Real-Time Implementation with Informatica

  • Performance Tuning(With Real time Examples).
  • Using Incremental Aggregation
  • Extraction modes(Pull, Push).
  • Change Data capture concepts.
  • Incremental Extraction using control tables..
  • Session parameters and variables.
  • Session and Workflow properties Reference.
  • Pipeline partitioning.
  • Using Multiple Servers, Log files, Error, Row logging
  • Session Recovery.
  • Configuring Session caches lookup, Aggregate, Sort, Joiner caches.
  • Restart able Tables.
  • Reject Capture and Reprocessing.
  • Handling Soft\Hard Rejects.
  • Loading issues with respect to sources, targets, mappings, sessions, networks.
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