Hyperion Essbase Training

Hyperion Essbase Training

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Hyperion Essbase Online Course Content :

Essbase Overview

1. Introduction to Hyperion Essbase

  • What is the requirement of Essbase?
  • History Of Essbase
  • Hyperion Essbase Architecture
  • Hyperion Essbase Versions
  • Hyperion Essbase Clients
  • Essbase Thin Client
  • Essbase Thick Client
  • MaxL or ESSCMD
  • Essbase Interaction Services
  • Essbase Studio


2. Essbase Application Type

  • BSO Application
  • Business Requirement of BSO App
  • ASO Application
  • Business Requirement of ASO App


3. Essbase Outline Terminology

  • What is Essbase Outline?
  • Data/Meta Data Explanation


4. Dimensions and Dimension Types

  • What is Dimension?
  • Standard Dimension
  • Dense Dimension
  • Sparse Dimension
  • Attribute Dimension
  • Account type Dimension
  • Time type Dimension
  • Currency Type Dimension


5. Attribute Dimension

  • What is the need of Attribute Dimension?


6. Alias and UDA creation

  • What is the requirement of Alias and UDA’s?


7. Member properties and Dimension properties

  • Data Storage Properties
  • Consolidation Properties


8. Outline building methods

  • Data Load Overview
  • Generation Reference
  • Level Reference
  • Parent/Child Reference


9. Data Loading Process

  • Data loading using flat files
  • Data loading using SQL
  • Free Form Loading


10. Essbase Calculation Process

  • Aggregation
  • Formulas
  • Calculation Sript
  • Two-Pass Calculation
  • Intelligent Calculation


11. Dense and Sparse Restructure

  • Dense Restructure
  • Sparse Restructure


12. Essbase Partitions

  • What is the requirement of Partiton?
  • Replicated Partition
  • Transparent Partition
  • Linked Partition


13. Essbase Optimization Techniques

  • Outline Optimization
  • Dataload Optimization
  • Calculation Sript Optimization
  • Database Optimization


14. Essbase Maxl or ESSCMD

  • How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using MaxL?
  • How to automate Essbase Application Creation Using ESSCMD?


15. Essbase Analytics VS Enterprise Analytics

  • BSO Advantages and Disadvantages
  • ASO Advantages and Disadvantages


16. Security Implementation

  • Security Type
  • EAS Security
  • Shared Service Security
  • Creation of Users
  • Creation of Groups
  • Creation of Essbase Filters
  • Assigning users to groups
  • Creation of Essbase Filters
  • Assigning filters to groups


17. Real Time

  • Real time scenarios
  • Complexities faced in the implementation
  • Support Tickets or Real time Errors
  • Questionnaire
  • CV Preparation
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