OpenSpan Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What is ExcelConnector in OpenSpan?

Answer: ExcelConnector in OpenSpan is one of the Connectors offered by the OpenSpan. We can use this connectors to interact with excel file in our automations. This can read/write data into the excel files.
To use this feature you must have installed the Office Connectors while installing the Studio for development and in runtime for deployment. When we install studio or runtime there is option to choose appropriate version of Office connectors.

2. Difference in Path and Target Path?

Answer:  This is a WindowsAdapter’s property and can be found in properties. shortcut f4

Path If the application that is required to run is from same folder where all other applications are installed or installed in any custom location then put the full path including the application and extension.
Target Path If the desired application is opened by the anyother application Eg. you have written a .bat command to launch your application. Then path will contain the full path including extension of that .bat and target path will contain only application_name.extension of that application. StartMethod should be set to start and wait to launch for that application mentioned in target path property.

3. Can we open a browser using the windows adapter?

Answer: This is a tricky question often asked by the interviewer to check your ability to identify the basic situation. Yes, like anyother application browser is also a windows application. In order to open a browser from windows adapter we have to put the full path of the browser with extension. However windows adapter is not capable of interrogating the controls from browser for that WebAdapter is required.

4.  How to connect Oracle, SQL Server with OpenSpan?

Answer:  To connect Oracle or SQL Server in OpenSpan under data tab OracleQuery and SQLQuery is available that can be used to connect with these databases. These return the DataSet to work and functions and properties are available.

5.  What is Universal WebAdapter?

Answer:  There are two WebAdapter’s available in OpenSpan. Universal WebAdapter is used to interrogate the Chrome and Firefox.

In order to use this at the time of installation of Studio you must have installed the Chrome and Firefox extension.

6. Benefit of using Global Web Page?

Answer:  While interrogating a webpage there is a interrogator popup having different interrogation options. Beneath that checkbox is available to create global webpage. When interrogating web applications that contain multiple frames, you can use the Create Global Web Page option to assign the interrogated objects to an independent global page. This is required when objects in a frame can exist on various pages within the web site, depending on the user’s interaction with the site. This feature should also be used when there are different versions of Internet Explorer in your environment. If not used then interrogator also interrogate the IE controls like address bar, button etc. So, when same automation will be launched in different version of IE will be failed.

7. Difference between WaitAll and WaitAny?

Answer:  WaitAll control will wait until all objects are created.

WaitAny will wait for any one of the specified object to be created. As soon as any object is created, automation will be proceeded.

 8. What is HookChildProcesses in OpenSpan?

Answer:  The HookChildProcesses property applies when one application starts other applications and the spawned applications are required for the solution. In this case, you have one application that launches another, that may in turn launch another, and so on. Each of the applications will require some interaction via an OpenSpan solution. Therefore, OpenSpan must hook into each application process. Unlike where you are only interested in interacting with the final target process (i.e.,TargetPath application), here you set the HookChildProcesses property to enable OpenSpan to work with the starting application and each Windows application starting afterward.

An example is where a user launches a single sign-on application. Once the user completes the sign-on, each business application is signed into and launched. If the solution will be interacting with each of the business applications, OpenSpan must inject code into all of the application processes. To support this scenario, set the Path property to the path and file name of the application that initiates the launch process and set the HookChildProcesses property to True….. For more questions please contact us

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