RPA Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

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1)  What is Robotic Automation?
Answer: Robotic automation is a type of automation where a machine or computer mimics a human’s action in completing rules based tasks.

2) What is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation?
Answer: Robotic Automation implies process Automation’s where computer software drives existing enterprise application software in the same way that a user does. Automation is a gadget or stage that operates other application software through the existing application UI.

3) What is process Studio?
Answer: A Blue Prism Process is created as a diagram that looks like a business flow diagram. Processes are created in a zone of Blue Prism named Process Studio which looks similar to other process modeling applications) and uses standard flow diagram symbols and notation.

4) Why Blue Prism?
Answer: Reasons:

Supports both internal and external Encryption/Decryption Keys
Automation process can be designed within IT Governance
High level Robustness because of .NET customized code within the process automation
Provides Audit Logs enabling

5) What is the difference between thin client and thick client?
Answer: Thin client: It is any application that we cannot get the quality properties while spying using any RPA tools. For e.g. Citrix or any virtual environment.

Thick client: It is any application that we get pretty handful of attribute properties using RPA tools e.g. calculator, Internet explorer

6) What are different spy modes ?

Answer: Mainframe we only having one spy mode-mainframe
web based-html spy mode
Windows we can use win32,aa and region spy modes

7) What are the stages?

Answer: Stages are nothing but a flow diagram component that can be added to the diagram by clicking onto the page, not by dragging from the toolbar.

8) What are session variables?

Answer: Session Variables are specific to that instance of the Process. If 2 instances of the same process are running at the same time, they will both have the same Session Variables but the Session Variables will have different values.
Session Variables can be viewed and modified from Control Room…..For more Questions Please Contact us

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