Actimize Interview Questions

Q. Explain In Detail About Nice Actimize?

Answer :It is part of the NICE machine who provide a extensive variety of services that cater toward financial crime prevention, fraud detection, risk management. All those offerings are catered towards the unique businesses and that they function worldwide.Further, the company presents offerings like actual-time pass-channel fraud prevention, Anti-cash laundering regulations and surveillance solutions which number one tackle fraud payments, any specific marketplace abuse and manifestly for purchaser facts safe.

Q. How To Start Nice Toolbar?

Answer :The following steps will assist you to begin or initiate Nice Toolbar:Click on Windows Start button
Select Programs > Nice Applications and choose NICE Toolbar
A login window will appear for NICE toolbar
Key in username and password information, NICE Toolbar will seem for the user to apply

Q. Is The Use Of Nice Monitor?

Answer :With the help of Nice Monitor, the programs may be used to monitor Live audio.

Q. What Is The Use Of Nice Supervision?

Answer :With the help of NICE Supervision, if there’s any failure within the software then the alarms are generated to well known the identical.

Q. What Is Model Validation?

Answer :A model validation is nothing however a hard and fast of instructions or described workflow which sincerely doubles checks whether or not the entire device is functioning because it is meant to be. To be particular a model validation is not anything however a set of processes and set of activities which might be carried out to verify whether or not the fraud fashions are achieved and validate as it is expected to be.

Q. What Are The Key Elements That Are Needed For A Model Validation Framework?

Answer :The key factors that are wanted for a version validation framework are as follows:First and predominant assessment of conceptual soundness
Ongoing monitoring and process verification to validate the version functionality
Outcome evaluation. It is beneficial for assessment of predicted output vs output came through

Q. List Out All The Fraud Consulting Services That Are Included In Nice Actimize?

Answer :The listing of all fraud consulting services which are protected are as follows:Constant review of model governance and packages
Feedback, steerage, and pointers primarily based on the model governance
Alert mechanisms
Model validations and trying out help
Data integrity, version trouble reports
Finally, regulatory exam guidance.

Q. How Does Nice Actimize Fraud Consulting Services Are Helpful For An Organization?

Answer :With the help of NICE ACTIMIZE fraud consulting offerings the agency could be sorted the subsequent aspects:They provide professional steering in terms of safety
Insightful and understanding orientated financial propose to the organization in terms of fraud method
Help the employer in defining the fraud control techniques
All the day to day demanding situations and era demanding situations to mitigate the problems are taken care by NICE ACTIMIZE device

Q. What Can Be Installed Using Nice Administrator Window Components?

Answer :With the assist of NICE administrator window additives, it will help to set up customers, servers, loggers, and channels on your systems.

Q. What Does Data Field Mean In Nice Applications?

Answer :A information subject is not anything however the fields inside the NICE packages wherein it incorporates statistics about a particular name and other audio segments which might be truely recorded in NICElog machine.

Q. What Are The Different Sources Where The Data Fields Are Available?

Answer :The one of a kind sources where the data fields are to be had to your website online are as follows:NiceLog system this is related to the telephony switch
Logger statistics fields
NICECLS mapping fields
User-described information
The NICE Administrator has the privilege of enabling and disabling the records fields for viewing, querying and editing.

Q. Where Does All The Data Fields On The Site Are Listed? What Is The Process Of Changing The Data Field Name Within The Column?

Answer :All the statistics fields for the site are indexed below Column. The system of changing a records field call happens below the column itself. If the user desires to change the statistics discipline name then he/she has to double click on on the existing facts discipline name and type in the desired call. This will alternate the facts area name which changed into to be had from the column.

Q. How Do You Enable And Disable The Data Field In View, Query, Edit Columns For A Specific Site?

Answer :For a particular website, the consumer might be able to enable and disable the information field for View, Query and Edit columns by using checking the tick container. If the checkbox is ticked then it’s miles enabled and if the checkbox is unticked then the facts subject is disabled.

Q. How Can You Manage Site Security? What Is The List Of Items That Need To Be Checked?

Answer :The web page security clearly covers the subsequent items:Account Lockout records: With this if the user has tried x wide variety of times to get admission to the website. If the consumer has passed or crossed the x number of trials, then the account need to be locked out mechanically.
Displaying Log in records: This will assist the customers to see their login data after they have logged into the account. Also, it’ll additionally display the number of tries they have got made to log into the account.
Auto Application lock information: This is after the truth, meaning this manner to shield the account is to set an idle time. If the consumer has crossed a sure variety of mins of idle time then the account will routinely lock the account.
Expanding the playback time: This will permit the user to outline x range of seconds before simply taking note of a playback audio. Usually, it’s miles difficult to apprehend the playback audio if it starts offevolved from the recording. Using this option, the person may have a few pause initially which helps them to get geared up after which they could start being attentive to the playback audio.
Dual password necessities set: It is a -step verification manner in which the consumer has to comply with the two steps of verification to access the account statistics.

Q. What Does Rts Mean In Nice Loggers?

Answer :RTS stands for Remote Tape Server. These are used to backup all of the audios which can be truly logged through NICE loggers.

Q. Do You Know The Different Types Of Audits?

  •  Statutory Audit
  •  Non-statutory Audit
  •  External Audit
  • Internal audit
  • Final Audit
  • social audit
  • performance Audit

Q. Why do we use Nice Supervision?

NICE Supervision is used, if there is any fault in the application then the alarms are generated to acknowledge the same.

Q. What is Model Validation in Nice Actimize?

In Nice Actiize model validation is a set of instructions or defined workflow which actually doubles checks whether the entire system is functioning as it is supposed to be.
To be specific a model validation is nothing but a collection of processes and set of activities which are executed to verify whether the fraud models are executed and validate as it is expected to be.

Q. What Is The Mean Of Internal Audit?

Internal Audit is an audit, it is carried out either by a separate department within the bank or a firm of chartered accountant.

Q. What Are The Basic Principles Of An Internal Audit Control System?

The basic principles of financial internal control are explained below:Financial and accounting operations must be separated that is the handling of cash and the recording of the movement thereof should be done by different persons. Responsibility for the performance of the job must be clearly stated so that there may be no room for doubt or confusion subsequently.
Too much confidence should not be pinned in one individual. Nearly all frauds have been committed by trusted officials or employees. It is interesting to note that frauds have occurred owing to their being trusted. Relation principle relating to transfer of an employee from one job to another should be the inflexible guiding rule. This is an effective safeguard against collusion and is recognized as an important canon of sound organization.
Mechanization of the work wherever feasible and practicable should be resorted to, mechanical devices such as cash register, recording time clocks, calculation machines should be introduced. A system of control accounts should elegantly be fitted in the book keeping system.
The work should be so arranged that work done by one employee should be properly checked by independent employee. Such continuous and constant checking goods moral control and the errors and the frauds cannot go undetected.

Q. How Can Scope Of Internal Audit Help You?

Internal audit is an independent appraisal function which is established by the management of an organization for the review of its internal control system as a service to the organization. To learn about the scope of internal audit.

Q. What Are Objectives Of Internal Audit?

The purpose of internal audit is to keep proper control over business activities. When there is proper control there is maximum efficiency. The internal auditor determines the degrees of control over work. The purpose of internal audit is to evaluate the accounting system. It is concerned with checking proper authority for transactions like purchase, retirement and disposal of fixed assets. The vouchers can be compared with entries in order to determine that figures are facts.
The purpose of internal audit is to help the management. Internal auditor can point out the weakness. The internal audit can be used as a tool to correct the situation. The management functions can be performed properly. The purpose of internal audit is to review the working of business. The working of current tear can be reviewed in detail just to note the successful area of working. There is a need to locate the weak points. The corrective measures can be taken for proper working.

Q. Explain Key Elements that are needed for a Model Validation Framework?

The key elements that are needed for a model validation framework are as follows:
• First and foremost evaluation of conceptual soundness
• Ongoing monitoring and process verification to validate the model functionality
• Outcome analysis. It is helpful for comparison of expected output vs output came through.

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