Atlassian Bamboo Interview Questions

Q. What is Atlassian Bamboo software used for?
Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) server that can be used to automate the release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline.

Q. What is Bamboo used for in DevOps?
Bamboo is a continuous integration and continuous deployment server developed by Atlassian. Bamboo Ties automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow by integrating with other Atlassian products such as JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, Hipchat, and Confluence.

Q. What is the difference between Jenkins and Bamboo?
Jenkins is an open-source tool, while Bamboo is a commercial tool. Jenkins is a project supported by its global community, and Bamboo has its own dedicated team for its development. Bamboo has a more user-friendly approach than Jenkins – as usually, open-source apps are more concerned with other features.

Q. What type of runtime environment is required to install bamboo?
Bamboo can only run with the JDK (not JRE).

If you see a path to your Java installation directory, the JAVA_Home environment variable has been set correctly. If a path is not returned you’ll need to set your JAVA_HOME environment variable manually before installing Bamboo.

Q. Is Bamboo a version control?
Bamboo: Tie automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow. … Bamboo can be classified as a tool in the “Continuous Integration” category, while Git is grouped under “Version Control System“.

Q. What are Bamboo specs?
The Bamboo Specs library allows you to define plan configuration as code and send it to Bamboo to have corresponding plans created or updated automatically.

Q. What is Bamboo in testing?
Bamboo is a continuous integration or CI server that can be used to automate the build, test, and release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline. You normally see continuous integration and the delivery together or it might be also presented as CI/CD.

Q. Does bamboo need a database?
Bamboo requires a relational database to store its data. … Hence, if you intend to use Bamboo in a production environment, we strongly recommend that you connect Bamboo to a supported enterprise database system.

Q. Is Bamboo a deployment tool?
Bamboo is a continuous integration and continuous deployment server developed by Atlassian. Bamboo Ties automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow by integrating with other Atlassian products such as JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, Hipchat, and Confluence

Q. What Exactly Do You Know About Release Planning?

It is essentially a commonplace method in Bamboo. It have to be carried out as a minimum once a week. There are positive functions that make it certainly the fine approach. Rough estimations are commonly completed in relation to the starting backlog. Everything is calculated in factors and everything within the release planning in Bamboo is fine on same.

Q. Tell Anything You Know About The Success Factors Of Atlassian Bamboo?

It is essentially an smooth undertaking to enforce the tools however making the pleasant use of this method may be a totally daunting time depending on some factors. Something that rely the maximum is how regularly is you dedicate the code. It have to be done as a minimum as soon as a week.

Q. How Will You Treat A Failure In Atlassian Bamboo?

Basically, the probabilities for this are very much less. However, in case it happens, the very first component to don’t forget is nothing by way of running the default error detector in the Atlassian Bamboo. It is an correct method and most of the time it genuinely suggests what is inaccurate in it. Next factor to be aware of if there’s a selected node that is developing the blockage on the network and demanding the traffic.

Q. Mention Some Steps That You Know About The Atlassian Bamboo?

The very first element is the compilation that is regularly accompanied through the unit test. Actually, a Unit take a look at is critical as regularly it influences the network performance without giving any indication. Even if the traffic is high, this approach need to be taken into consideration on precedence. Next step is Code Quality Gates that sincerely permit the users ship their records from exclusive channels. Integration checks and the chain checks are the other top elements that ought to be paid attention to.

Q. Is It Possible To Cut Down The Time Taken By Atlassian Bamboo Build And Get Immediate Feedback? If So? Tell How?

Well, one of the excellent matters to bear in mind here is splitting the lengthy-jogging checks in a built that are generally separate. Immediate remarks can be assured with out demanding approximately anything.

Q. What Is The Significance Of Atlassian Bamboo?

It is right in finding and working the complicated problems that regularly declare their presence. The reality is defects are corrected at a very fast velocity at once when they are positioned. In addition to this, Bamboo is a powerful approach that cut down a lot of time to market. As the packages are constantly tested, they could truly be moved to next degree without any troubles.

Q. What Do You Know About The Implementation Of Atlassian Bamboo?

Doing this isn’t always a huge deal. Diverse apparatuses for assisting this approach are Jenkins and Hudson Jenkins is the maximum well-known one currently considered by means of a whole lot of users all around the international. They provide combination with extraordinary form control frameworks and assemble devices. There are elements that need to be taken care of mainly inside the preliminary stage.

Q. Have You Ever Gone Against The Rules Of A Confidential Agreement?

Answer :No, I haven’t been a part of such an issue. I understand how confidentiality subjects for any enterprise. I can remember the fact that to address elements together with opposition there is a sturdy want for this and for that reason I haven’t been a part of such a incident.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Approach?

Answer :There are sure advantages relying upon the mission one is performing. The very first one is getting everyday updates on failed and a success builds which are pretty commonplace in an enterprise. It is likewise beneficial when it comes to automating and checking out the packages code statues. If some thing one is managing desires quite a few statistical analysis, one of the fine matters is it has reporting equipment for this cause. Also, it is able to deal with one-of-a-kind kinds of artifacts.

Q. Name The Two Directories Which Are Present In The Atlassian Bamboo?

Answer :They are home listing and installation directory.

Q. What Do You Mean By Continuous Integration?

Presently, growing teams frequently paintings on exclusive segments on similar net applications to reinforce performance, reliability and to reduce down the mistakes. The integration assessments are exactly what they want to be achieved and for this, integration of all of the modules is vital. An computerized procedure is considered for such an approach that essentially that confirm all of the code. This certainly we could the entirety tested in a serial way and this is why we known as it Continuous Integration.

Q. Mention The Features With Which The Atlassian Bamboo Is Equipped With?

Build failures are stuck routinely and as a result helps in saving time, wastage of efforts as well as cash. For a code dedicate modifies, there may be an automatic notification that is mentioned about the reviews. It is possible to combine it with LDAP mail-server. It is also viable to automate various procedures which might be associated with the venture.

Q. How A Backup Is Created In The Bamboo And How The Files Are Copied To It?

Doing this is easy and crucial too. By default, Bamboo uses domestic directory for saving all of the data which includes the settings, user records and so on. You want to in reality copy this directory for creating a backup. A the image of same can actually be created and its area may be saved anywhere. Data can be set to be copied within the clone listing after a selected time period or constantly.

Q. Name Some Scm Tools Which Are Supported By Atlassian Bamboo?

These are subversion, Git, RTC, Clearcase, Subversion, CVS, Accurev, and Mercurial. There are other SCM equipment however they may be consumer-friendly and are clean to use.

Q. What Are The Basic Requirements For Using Atlassian Bamboo?

The source code repository is one of the high desires. Without it, there are positive challenges that can be there and have an effect on the efficiency of work as much as a high-quality extent.

Q. How Can Task Handling Be Made Easier In Bamboo?

Well, the very first issue that can be achieved is taking the assist of plug-ins. The Atlassian Bamboo helps a large variety of plug-in that may make several tasks easier. In the improvement surroundings, the trojan horse coping with may be considered which assures easy operation for the subsequent ranges to return. It is feasible to integrate this approach with maven which helps in cutting down a whole lot of essential duties. It can also be incorporated with LDAP server to let the developers maintain an eye fixed on the entirety.

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