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1)What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect to respective data, and then visualize and create interactive, shareable dashboards.

2)What is the difference between .twb and .twbx extension?

A .twb is an xml document which contains all the selections and layout made you have made in your Tableau workbook. It does not contain any data.
A .twbx is a ‘zipped’ archive containing a .twb and any external files such as extracts and background images.

3)What is the difference between Tableau and Traditional BI Tools?

Tableau provides easy to use, best in class, visual analytic capabilities but has nothing to do with the data foundation or plumbing. But with an integration with a SQL server it can be the complete package.

On the other hand traditional BI tools have the before mentioned capabilities but then you have to deal with significant amount of upfront costs. The cost of consulting, software and hardware is comparatively quite high.

4)How many maximum tables can you join in Tableau?

You can join a maximum of 32 tables in Tableau.

5)What are Quick Filters in Tableau?

Global quick filters are a way to filter each worksheet on a dashboard until each of them contains a dimension. They are very useful for worksheets using the same data source, which sometimes proves to a disadvantage and generate slow results. Thus, parameters are more useful.

6)What are Filters? How many types of filters are there in Tableau?

Filter is nothing but it is restricted to unnecessary, it is showing exact data. Basically filters are 3 types.
1. Quick filter
2. Context filter
3. Datasource filter

7)How to remove the All options from a Tableau auto – filter?

Right click filter>>customize>>uncheck show all option

8)Can we use non – used columns (Columns which are not used in reports but data source has columns) in Tableau Filters?

Ex. In data source I have column like
empID, EmpName, EmpDept,EmpDsignation, EmpSalary
In reports I am using empname on columns and empsalry on rows.
I can use empDesignation on Filters

9)What are sets?

Sets are custom fields that define a subset of data based on some conditions. A set can be based on a computed condition, for example, a set may contain customers with sales over a certain threshold. Computed sets update as your data changes. Alternatively, a set can be based on specific data point in your view.

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