Demandware Interview Questions

Q. What Is Demandware?

Demandware is a software program era that offers a cloud-primarily based e-commerce platform and related services for stores and emblem manufacturers round the arena.Demandware is now Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce obtained Demandware in 2016. As part of the purchase by Salesforce renamed the store device in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Q. What Kind Of Services Demandware Can Offer?

The Demandware Shop software changed into a Software-as-a-Service solution. The necessary hardware sources were supplied by Demandware so that customers only had to address the in addition improvement and version of their keep.

Q. What Is Demandware Open Commerce Apis?

The Demandware Open Commerce APIs give us get entry to to the facts that powers our shop. Currently, the undertaking only supports the “save float” APIs, which address classes, products, and product search.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Demandware Or Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Demandware vs Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the pinnacle-rated cloud commerce platform is sponsored by massive industry revel in and a effective product strategy built on three essential differentiators: faster innovation, predictive intelligence, and unified commerce. Brands the use of Commerce Cloud circulate to market faster, interact substantially more clients and deliver seamless buying studies throughout all channels—virtual, cellular, social, and save.Commerce Cloud is presently powering greater than 2000 web sites in 50+ nations.
Commerce Cloud manufacturers grow 2x quicker than the industry fee.
Commerce Cloud brands enjoy 40-60% higher conversion fees than with legacy platforms.
Over $sixteen billion worth of products is sold on line yearly thru Commerce Cloud.
Commerce Cloud is identified as market chief by way of both Gartner and Forrester.
Commerce Cloud is the simplest supplier that Forrester diagnosed as chief in each Digital Commerce and POS.

Q. What Is Commerce Cloud Digital?

Connect with customers whenever, anywhere, on any device. Inspire the connected client with unified, personalised purchasing stories throughout all virtual commerce channels: cell, social, net, and greater.

Q. What Is Commerce Cloud Order Management?

Deliver “purchase anywhere, carrier anywhere, fulfill anywhere” purchasing reports unified across all channels with actual-time stock visibility, order lifecycle control, and allocation good judgment.

Q. What Is Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle?

Extend the liberty and flexibility of virtual trade to the in-person shopping enjoy. Offer clients limitless product desire, and arm pals with real-time get entry to to virtual stock and consumer records.

Q. What Is Commerce Cloud Einstein?

Harnessing the electricity of AI is simpler than you watched! Infused into the very material of the platform, Einstein delivers AI-powered vending insights and surprisingly personalised purchasing reviews—no facts scientist required.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Commerce Cloud Digital?

  • Connect with the modern-day shopper anytime, anywhere! By combining the flexibility of the cloud with a wealthy set of advanced skills, Commerce Cloud Digital offers you the strength to supply unique online purchasing studies that exceed consumer expectations and weigh down sales targets—and all in document time.Deliver strategic, personalized buying stories at each contact factor, on any tool.
  • Roll out continuous improvements without delays, dependencies, or disruptions.
  • Launch new web sites in weeks and new promotions in minutes.
    Offload IT operations to a unified cloud that is robust, strong, and scalable.
  • Unify digital trade with save operations, POS, order control, and more.
  • Maximize productiveness with centralized web site management and automatic obligations.

Q. What Are The Commerce Cloud Digital Key Features?

  • Digital Commerce Capabilities – Create unique ecommerce experiences proper out of the box.Merchandising and Marketing – Create countless opportunities for personalised purchaser engagement and digital commerce boom.
  • Digital Experience Management – Create rather revolutionary and relevant emblem reviews.
  • Multi web site Management and Localization – Launch new sites and explore new regions quickly and easily.
  • Digital Commerce Extensions – Extend commerce to a vast number of recent channels, together with social networks and branded mobile apps.
  • Order Management – Deliver the “buy anywhere, provider everywhere, fulfill everywhere” revel in.
  • AI-Powered Commerce – Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence—no data scientist or gadget getting to know expert required.

Q. What Are B2b Digital Commerce Capabilities?

Answer :Deliver engaging B2B buying reviews and offer company customers with crucial B2B2C ecommerce capability:Create intuitive order and checkout techniques that assist big order sizes and observe a commercial enterprise-to-patron version.
Provide a differentiated enjoy, particular fee books, and tiered pricing according to account organization.
Share statistics and location functionality between commercial enterprise-to-consumer and business-to-business sites.
Take orders on behalf of commercial enterprise customers.

Q. What Are Commerce Cloud Order Management Key Features?

Distributed Order Management Engine – Simplify techniques, maximize efficiencies, and supply the first-class possible order success enjoy to clients.Extensible Customization and Integration – Save effort and time integrating order management with important retail operations thanks to restful APIs.
Simple Role-Based Interfaces – Empower client-going through users with order control equipment tailored to their particular desires.
Unified Commerce Cloud Platform – Unify order management throughout all channels with seamless, out-of-the-container integration with each Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle?

Breathe new lifestyles into your save and meet shopper demands with Endless Aisle. This innovative solution allows retailers to extend digital capabilities to their physical locations—permanent and dad-up—without having to tear and update cutting-edge save answers.Delight buyers with herbal transitions between on line and in-store studies.
Offer in-keep buyers the same freedom and flexibility they experience on-line.
Enable a single view of each client adventure by means of uniting virtual and store channels.
Optimize vending, promotions, and offerings with move-channel customer insights.
Arm pals with easy-to-use mobile applications.

Q. What Are Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Key Features?

Inventory Integration – Offer in-store buyers the same product selections they experience online.Orders Management Integration – Offer in-save buyers multiple achievement alternatives through Endless Aisles integration with Commerce Cloud Order Management.
Digital Commerce Integration – Align in-person and on-line reports through Endless Aisles integration with Commerce Cloud Digital.
Empower Store Associates – Arm buddies with cell apps which are acquainted, a laugh, and easy to examine.

Q. What Is Artificial Intelligence (ai) In Demandware?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anywhere. People have intelligence-driven experiences each day thru favored apps, product guidelines, face and voice popularity, and greater. The connected client now expects those distinctly personalised, clever reviews throughout each logo they interact with—inclusive of yours.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Ai In Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud makes AI smooth for everyone—no information scientist or expert required. Commerce Cloud is the only trade solution with device getting to know embedded into the very cloth of the platform, enabling effective AI skills that power delightful, customized shopping studies throughout digital, shop, and cell channels:Recommend the quality products throughout all trade channels.
Generate 1:1 predictions for every unmarried client in real time.
Get smart and boost conversions with records-pushed commerce insights.
Save effort and time with computerized vending tasks.

Q. What are Pipelets?

Pipelets retrieve the list of Products observed while your current session by using the pipelet. The provided ProductID returns a Product identifier. Some pipelets are AddProductToProductList, AddCouponToBasket2, AddBonusProductToBasket, CreateOrder, etc.

Q. How do we convert Pipelines to Controllers?

Following are steps to convert Pipelines to controllers in Demandware:

Step1: Create a Controller

Step 2: Copy Portions of SiteGenesis

Step 3: Add Your Cartridge to the Cartridge Path

Step 4: Converting Scripts

Step 5: Converting Pipelines

Step 6: Converting Templates

Step 7: Maintaining Integrations

Q. What are Page Designers?

Page designer’s purpose is to create reusable page types and components by serving conventional design methods. By dragging the page and component types, merchants can schedule, design, and publish custom pages in Business Manager. With various page types and component types, merchants can create their pages without relying on developers.

Q. What the difference is between Flex and Grid. What are the pros and cons of both?

Flex and Grid differences:

Layouts in Flex are one-dimensional, and in Grid are two-dimensional. Flex is primarily concerned with content, but CSS Grid focuses on layout first. Flex layouts are designed for elements and small structures, but Grid layouts are appropriate for larger formats and aren’t linear.

Flex Pros and Cons

With Flexbox, you can control layout with a simpler syntax. It’s easy to render navigation menus and sidebars with Flexbox since it lets you designate flex-direction.

Older browsers do not support it. Other browser-to-browser inconsistencies also exist. The layout gets more complicated with Flexbox, and it has a single direction for movement ( vertical or horizontal).

Grid Pros and Cons

With grids, you can reduce complex media queries and take advantage of the 2D layout. Major browsers only partially support grids since they are still relatively new. Consistent grid designs present a major challenge in designing for many browsers.

Q. What Is Digital Commerce Cloud?

Whenever, wherever, on whatever device you have, keep in touch with your customers. Experience exciting digital commerce innovations across social media, web, mobile, and more to inspire the connected customer.

Q. How does Einstein Search work in SFCC?

Einstein Search enhances Salesforce’s existing Global Search experience by tailoring each user’s search results according to their requirements. Furthermore, with this feature, users can easily update records depending on their searches.

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