Workday Integration Training

Workday Integration Training

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Workday Integration Course Content
1. Calculated Fields
2. EIB
3. Core connectors
4. Studio

Duration: 45 Hours

Calculated Fields

  • Calculated Fields Demo
  • Calculated Fields Tasks and Reports
    • Activity 1A: How can you see existing calculated fields in the Tenant
    • Activity 1B: Copy a custom report to use for testing calculated fields
  • Creating a calculated filed
    • Activity 2– Format Date
    • Activity 3– Date Difference and Increment or Decrement Date
    • Activity 4– Build Date
    • Activity 5– True/False Condition
    • Activity 6– Convert Currency
  • Creating logical calculated fields
    • Activity 7– Evaluate Expression
    • Activity 8– View Calculation Hierarchy and Where used information about your calculation fields
  • Lookup Range Band
  • Lookup Date Rollup
  • Working with Text function Types
  • working with related business objects
  • Lookup Related value
  • Extract single instance
  • Extract Multiple Instance
  • Lookup value as of date
  • Change Detection
  • Prompt for value
  • Authentic Calculation
  • System wide vs Report Specific calculated fields
  • Count related instances
  • Sum related instances
  • Aggregate related Instances
  • Lookup organization roles
  • Lookup Organization
  • Lookup Hierarchy Rollup and Lookup Hierarchy
  • Lookup Translated value
  • Design and Implementation Considerations


EIB overview

  • a. overview of EIB
  • b. EIB design Pattern
  • c. EIB Limitations
  • d. Security to Launch Integrations

Inbound EIB

  • Verifying data from Inbound Load
  • Loading bulk data into Workday using EIB
  • Spread sheet Templates
  • Create Inbound Integration System
  • View Template model
  • Integration Ids
  • Business Process guidelines
  • Configure and Launch Integration system
  • BP Status
  • Edit an Integration Attachment
  • Maintain reference IDs
  • Generate spreadsheet templates
  • Populating Generated templates
  • Customize Template Model
  • Generate Spreadsheet template with data
  • Inbound EIBs for Import web services
  • Integration Error handling

Outbound EIB

  • Creating and launching an outbound EIB Integration
  • Integration scheduling
  • Launching an EIB based integration through business process
  • Custom report Transformation

Custom XSLT

  • EIB and Custom XSLT and Workday Webservices(WWS)
  • Simple types vs Business objects
  • Workday Report XML
  • XML elements and Tags
  • Importing an XML File and XSLT using EIB

Workday Public web services

  • Call workday web services from EIB
  • Custom Transactions and Web services

EIB Features

Core Connectors

  • Integration architecture Overview
  • Workday Connectors
  • Integration system Templates
    Core connector: Worker
  • Integration System Services
  • Integration system Integration filed attributes
  • Integration system Field Overrides
  • Integration Attributes
  • Integration sequence generators
  • Launching an Integration system
  • Change Detection
  • Transaction Log
  • Integration Business Process
    Core connector: Organization Inbound
  • Integration system Security
  • Reports as a Service
  • Document Retrieval Service
  • Document Transformation Integration System
  • Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting

Studio Overview

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