SSIS Training

SSIS Training

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Key FeaturesSSIS Course ContentFAQs
  25 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers

  • Basic SSIS Development
  • Introduction to SSIS
  • What is SSIS?
  • Need for SSIS
  • SSIS and Management Studio [SSMS]
  • SSIS and DTS Comparisons


SSIS Architecture

  • Control Flow Architecture
  • Data Flow Architecture
  • Data Pipeline Usage
  • Buffer Management
  • Precedence Constraints
  • Basic SSIS Entities
    • SSIS Data Types
    • SSIS Variables
    • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
    • Connection Managers
    • Data Flow Tasks usage
    • Monitoring Data Migrations
    • Handling Enumerations in SSIS
  • SSIS Customizations
    • SCRIPT Task in SSIS
    • Custom Scripting and Tuning
    • Expressions and Iterations
  • SSIS Expressions
    • Dynamic Connection Managers
    • Dynamic Scripting
    • Expression Builder Usage
  • SSIS Debugging Options
    • Control Flow Breakpoints
    • Data Flow Data Viewers
    • Limitations of SSIS Debugging
  • Data Flow Transformations
    • Column Transformations
    • Combining and splitting data
    • Data Profiling
    • Managing BLOB & CLOB data
    • Performing database operations
    • Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping
    • MERGE Vs UNION ALL Transformations
    • SORT Vs AGGREGATE Transformations
    • OLE-DB Command Tranformation


Advanced SSIS Development

  • Operating system level tasks
    • FTP and SMTP Operations
    • MSMQ Operations
  • Custom Activities
    • Data Analytics and Debugging
    • Custom Code Handling
    • Event Notifications
    • Sampling Techniques
    • Type I and Type II SCDs
    • Performing PIVOT operations
    • Data Profiling
  • Package Controls
    • SSIS Transactions & Isolation Levels
    • Package and Task Options
    • Checkpoints and usage
    • Package Properties
  • Package Configurations
    • Configurations and benefits
    • Applying Configuration Options
    • Choosing correct providers
    • Practical Applications
  • Error Handling
    • System Events and Audits
    • Package Event Handling
    • Container Event Handling
    • Limitations of Event Handling
  • SSIS Logging
    • Benefit of SSIS Logging
    • Different Logging Options
    • Environment Variables
    • Windows Event Logs and SSIS
    • SQL Server Logging Limitations
    • Choosing correct log providers
    • Managing Log Providers
    • Package Execution Audits
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