Advanced Android Training

Advanced Android Training

The Advanced Android Development course is intended for experienced developers who have Java programming experience and know the fundamentals of how to build an Android app using the Java language. 

The Advanced Android Development course materials include:

  • A concept reference
  • Slide decks(for fast reference)
  • Practical exercises by instructor

What does the course cover?

Android Fundamentals course includes six modules which is divided into multiple sessions and sub-sessions depends on complexity of concept:


Module 1: Expand the user experience

Lesson 1: Fragments

1.1: Fragments

1.2: Fragment Lifecycle and communications

Lesson 2: App widgets

2.1: App widgets

Lesson 3: Sensors

3.1: Sensor basics

3.2: Motion and position sensors


Module 2: Make your apps fast and small

Lesson 4: Performance

4.0: Performance

4.1: Rendering and layout

4.2: Memory

4.3: Best practices: network, battery, compression

Unit 3: Make your apps accessible

Lesson 5: Localization

5.1: Languages and layouts

5.2: Locales

Lesson 6: Accessibility

6.1: Accessibility

Unit 4: Add geo features to your apps

Lesson 7: Location

7.1: Location services

Lesson 8: Places

8.1: Places API

Lesson 9: Mapping

9.1: Google Maps API

Unit 5: Advanced graphics and views

Lesson 10: Custom views

10.1: Custom views

Lesson 11: Canvas

11.1: The Canvas class

11.2: The SurfaceView class

Lesson 12: Animations

12.1: Animations

Lesson 13: Media

13.1: Simple media playback


Unit 6: Working with Architecture Components

Lesson 14: Architecture Components

14.1: Architecture Components

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