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Workday Training

Workday Training  Course Content

Workday Online Training is provided by a real time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on Workday, is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainee’s. Our instructors are experts in the implementation and support projects in Workday training. Spiritsofts always works on real time scenarios. It is extremely useful for the professionals to handle the projects easily in the IT industry.

Workday is a cloud, on demand financial and human capital management software. It provides similar services as SAP and Oracle.

Workday specializes in providing Human Capital Management, Financial Management and payroll in online domain.It is a major web based ERP software vendor.

Chapter 1Core Concepts and Navigation Basics of Workday Training

  • Core Concepts
  • Business Objects
  • Custom labels
  • Basic navigation

Chapter 2Organizations in workday

  • Organization types
  • Supervisory organizations
  • Reorganization
  • Setup of supervisory org structure
  • Managing supervisory organization
  • Creating subordinate organization
  • Dividing a supervisory organization
  • Additional org types
  • Organization hierarchies
  • Organization assignments on supervisory org
  • Organizational reports

Chapter 3Staffing Models

  • Types of staffing models
  • Configuring individual staffing model
  • Hiring restrictions
  • Position management
  • Headcount management
  • Job management
  • Differentiating between staffing models
  • Maintaining staffing models

Chapter 4Jobs & Positions

  • Job profiles
  • Job profiles and localization
  • Job profiles and compensation Grades
  • Management level hierarchy
  • Differentiating job profiles, job families, job family group
  • Creating job profile (Task)
  • Creating position and headcount groups
  • Managing filled and unfilled position and headcount groups
  • Creating positions (Task)
  • Edit position restrictions and Edit position
  • Close position vs managing a hiring freeze

Chapter 5Compensation

  • Compensation Overview
  • Compensation Components
  • Compensation Elements
  • Compensation Plans
  • Salary,
  • Hourly, Allowance,
  • One Time Payment, Merit, Bonus.
  • Compensation Grades, Grade Profiles and Steps
  • Compensation Package Compensation Eligibility Rules

Chapter 6Security Groups

  • Security groups
  • Security group types
  • Configurable security
  • Functional areas, securable items and security policies

Chapter 7Defining Business Processes

  • Business Processes Overview
  • Navigating to a Business Process Definition
  • Supervisory Organizations and Business Processes
  • Editing a Business Process
  • Condition Rules
  • Adding a Notification
  • Copying a Business Process

Chapter 8Transactions in Workday

  • Creating applicants
  • Hiring in supervisory organizations
  • Assigning user based security groups
  • Hire into position/job/headcount management
  • Staffing movement
  • Termination
  • Request delegation, rescind
  • Mover workers and inactivate supervisory organizations
  • Workday accounts Viewing personal data

Chapter 9Reports

  • Report Writer
  • Report Types
  • Standard report
  • Custom report
  • Custom report Types
  • Sharing Reports
  • Data sources
  • Business Object
  • How RW works

Chapter 10ILoads ( Concept)

  • iLoads
  • Data push.
  • Data extraction
  • Kinds of data load
  • Foundation
  • Master
  • Implementation suites
  • Implementation areas
  • Implementation tasks

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