Successfactors LMS Interview Question & Answers

Successfactors LMS Interview Question & Answers

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1. How many types of data models are present in employee central?

A. seven(7)

2. How can you mask sensible data in fields?

A. by setting the attribute pii=”true”.

3. How can you set the field so that user can edit it ?

A. by setting the attribute visible=”both”.

4. How can you set the field to be required so that it can be filled?

A. by setting the attribute required=”true”.

5. What is meant by DTD?

A. It is a data model defined by Document type definition.
My view is to construct a highly unified hr in the cloud. A highly unified HR is the main person to maximise the business outcomes of the organisation.

6. Define Success factors and why are they called by that name ?

A. Because they explain behaviours which results to successful performance in the job.

7. Why three levels are present in a framework?

A. because they explain a wide range of behavior types which are close to different job roles. despite their levels are not ranked.

8. What is the importance of success factors ? how can we select the correct one?

A. By using the job analysis information and suggestions from the HR and other manager in desired roles one can predict the success factors. It can be made easy by practice.

9. Suppose a success factor is changed in a year what will you review by the next PDR?

A. With the communication between the individual and the manager the change can also fade on PDR form

10. Is it necessary to select the same level for the identified success factors?

A. No, it may result in single level.

11. Can a success factor be changed if it is already selected for a particular role?

A. Yes , it is based on the requirements and wants of any role at anytime. It is mobile and can change for every year,

12. what type of support can one have by success factors?

A. managers can get training. By using it proper guidance and documentation will also be present on HR website, all the team members of HR are able to provide advice.

13. will the assessment of success factors take much time ?

A. At first assessment can take time as it is a new process since, we are working on new concepts they can bring benefits.

14. Can we ‘get rid’ of people by using success factors?

A. No, this is not the reason why they are developed. They are employed to grow individuals, despite if the behaviors are compulsory for job there will be no development and it can be a performance issue

15. What is the case if the employee don’t agree the success factors that are given by his manager?

A. The manager keeps the job information and analysis to estimate the success factors in conjunction with discussions of the individual. Finally it depends on the manager’s decision

16. How Much Evidence In Assessing Success Factors Will We Be Expected To Produce?

A. Look over the previous 12 months for examples and pick out the 2 or 3 which demonstrate the Success Factors the most.

17. In What Way Can Employee Central Be Integrated With Success Factors Products?

A. With the help of HRIS sync by success Factors Products, Employee central can be Integrated Internally.

18. In What Way Can Employee Central Be Integrated Externally With Other Products?

A. External Integration of employee central can be done by using Cloud based integration platform.

19. What Is Present In Succession Data Model?

A. All the records of the employee are present in succession data model.This type of succession data mode constructs the fields both internal(information related to employment) and external(personal information of employee) works’s.

20. How Do You Integrate Employee Central With Other Successfactors Products?

A. Employee Central integrates internal with other SuccessFactors products through HRIS Sync.


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