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SAP XI Online Training

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SAP XI stands for “SAP Exchange Infrastructure”. SAP XI stands for “SAP Exchange Infrastructure”. It is SAP’s enterprise application integration (EAI) software.

Introduction to SAP Exchange Infrastructure
  • Process Integration with SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
  • Architecture of SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
System Landscape Directory
  • Architecture of SLD
  • Describing Technical Systems & Business Systems
  • Landscapes and Software catalog
Designing Collaborative Process
  • Introduction to Integration Repository
  • Organization of Design Objects in IR
  • Creating Repository’ Objects.
  1.  Data types
  2.  Message types
  3.  Message Interfaces
  4.  Mapping Objects
  5.  Mapping Templates etc..
  6.  Importing RFC & IDOC Interfaces
  7.  Developing” with Imported Interface Objects
  8.  Message types across components
  9.  Enhancing Partner’s and Customer’s Data types
  10.  Mapping Application Components to Systems
  11.  Object Versioning and Transport
  • Overview
  • Mapping Programs in SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
  • Java Mapping •
  • XSLT Mapping
  • ABAP Mapping
  1.   Message Mapping
  2.   Mapping Functions
  3.   Context Handling Value Mapping
  4.   User Defined Functions
  5.   Multi Mapping
  •  Introduction to Integration Directory
  •  Describing Systems and Services
  •  Configuring Internal Company Process
  •  Configuring Cross-Company Process
  •  Configuring Communication channels
  •  Logical Routing and Technical Routing
  •  Transports between the Test and Productive Landscape
  • Introduction to Integration Server
  • Processing Steps of Integration Engine
  • Proxy Runtime
  • Using Runtime Workbench
  1.  Message Monitoring
  2.  Component Monitoring
  3.  End-to-End Monitoring
  • Introduction to Proxies
  • Creating ABAP proxies
  • Creating JAVA proxiesProxy Runtime

Integration Process (ccBPM)

  • Introduction to Integration Process
  • Arch. of ccBPM
  • Designing Integration Process
  • Controlling the process flow
  • Time control and Exception Handling
  • Message Bundling
  • Sync/Async. Communications
  • Configuring Integration Process
  • Monitoring the execution of integration Process
  • Adapter Framework, Adapter Engine and ADK
  • File Adapter
  • JDBC Adapter
  • RFC Adapter
  • IDOC Adapter
  • Plain HTTP Adapter
  • SOAP AdapterXI
  • AdapterJMS
  • AdapterOverview Of other Adapters
  • File to File
  • File to JDBC
  • JDBC to File
  • File to RFC
  • File to IDOC
  • IDOC to File
  • HTTP to RFC
  • ABAP Proxy (Client Proxy)
  • IDOC to Flat file
  • Flat file to IDOC
  • SOAP to RFC
  • XSLT Mapping
  • BPM1(File to File)
  • BPM2(File to RFC)
  • BPM3(Multiple Files)
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