SAP PI Online Training

SAP PI Online Training

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SAP PI Course Curriculum 

XI/PI 7.0/ 7.1/7.3, with SOA Concepts – Lectures-on System


Introduction to SAP PI

  • Architecture of PI.
  • Walk through PI 7.0 / 7.1/7.3 versions
  • Components in SAP PI.
  • SLD-System Landscape Directory.
  • Design Time Components.
  • Runtime Components.
  • Administrative and Monitoring Components.


System Landscape & Directory

  • Pre Delivered Content in SLD.
  • Creating Products.
  • Software Components.
  • Technical System-WAS-ABAP/JAVA/Third Party.
  • Business System.
  • Concept of dependencies-Build Time, when, why, how?


Integration Repository-Design Time

  • Pre Delivered Content in IR.
  • Configuring interface objects.
    • Creating Data Types.
    • Defining Message Types.
    • Creating Fault Messages
    • Creating Message / Service Interfaces.
    • Using External Definitions.
    • Using Context Objects.
  • Configuring Mapping Objects.
    • Message Mapping.
    • Interface/Operation Mapping.
    • Imported Archives.
  • Importing RFC/IDOC from SAP Systems.


Integration Directory-Config Time Objects

  • Configuring Business Services & Business Systems.
  • Configuring Collaboration Profiles.
  • Creating Configuring Collaboration Agreements.
  • Creating Routing Rules.
  • Creating Receiver Determination.
  • Creating Interface Determination.
  • Sender Agreement.
  • Receiver Agreement.
  • 7.1/7.3 Integrated Configuration.
  • Why we need to activate Objects?


Adapter Engine Architecture

  • Usage & Configuring – Sender, Receiver for
  • File, IDOC, RFC, HTTP, JDBC, JMS, SOAP, XI, Mail ).
  • Third party Adapters.


Business Process Management

  • SAP Approach for BPM (Concepts).
    • Business work Flow.
    • CCBPM.
    • Universal Work Lists.
    • Functional Workflow (Guided Procedures).
  • Designing & Configuring Integration Process.
  • Process Patterns.
  • Message Steps.
  • Control Flow Steps.
  • Alert Management.
    • Configuring Alerts.
    • Using Alerts in BPM.
    • Monitoring Alerts in Work Flow.


Runtime Workbench

  • Component Monitoring.
  • Message Monitoring.
  • End-to-End Monitoring.
  • Performance Monitoring.
  • Cache Monitoring.


Mapping Types

  • Mapping Template.
  • Standard Functions.
  • Value Mapping-Fix & Value.
  • Mapping Lookups.
  • User Defined Functions (Cache Options).
  • 7.1/7.3 Function Libraries
  • ABAP mapping.
  • Java Mapping.
  • XSLT Mapping.
  • Enhanced Receiver Determination.
  • Enhanced Interface Determination.
  • Combination of Mappings.


Cache Concepts

  • Pull Method.
  • Push Method.
  • Manual refreshing the cache.
  • Exchanger Profile.


Hands On Sessions

  • Scenario Creation using following Adapters.
  • Proxy, RFC, IDOC, XI, File, JDBC, SOAP, HTTP.
  • BPM-usage of Process Patterns in Real-time Scenarios.
  • Pre configuration steps for IDOC, Proxy.


Approach for integrating Different Systems in Real time Environment

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