SAP Lumira Training

SAP Lumira Training

SAP Lumira is a self-service solution that allows to transform, and visualize data by analysts and business users. It allows organizing and navigating data the way you want, quickly and visually without using a single line of code or additional modelling layer. SAP Lumira’s interactive visualizations lets you analyse data quickly to discover unique insights that you can share throughout your organization. With the software’s ability to connect to the SAP HANA platform, business users get access to real-time answers of data. SAP Lumira allows you to easily convey knowledge, discover hidden patterns, and transform the way you run your business.


SAP Lumira Training Overview

In this virtual training, you will learn how to create an analysis environment of Lumira and get an idea about how to prepare and manipulate both Data Import and Data Discovery. Then you will learn how to share your options through Lumira cloud.


SAP Lumira Training Course Content

  • Introduction
  • SAP Lumira and its place in the analysis environment


Data Import, Preparation, Manipulation

  • Data import options
  • Measures and dimensions
  • Semantic enrichments
  • Data manipulation using predefined tools and formulas
  • Integrating data from multiple sources


Data Discovery and Visualization

  • When to use different chart type
  • Navigating through data in a visual way using charts
  • Advanced chart features for multidimensional data
  • Creating your own data


Sharing options and next steps

  • Data storytelling
  • Sharing options
  • Lumira cloud

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