SAP IS Insurance Online Training

SAP IS Insurance Online Training

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SAP IS Insurance Course Content



1. SAP for Insurance
2. SAP Insurance Collections and Disbursements: Overview Content
3. Master data:
4. business partners,
5. contract accounts,
6. insurance objects,
7. Postings and transaction data,
8. Processing deposits:
9. clearing and payment lots,
10. Collections and outgoing payments:
11. payment program,
12. Dunning notice,
13. Installment plans,
14. Interest calculation,
15. Correspondence,
16. Collections/disbursement by third party:
17. broker collection
18. Data transfer
19. SAP Collections and Disbursements:
20. Customizing Content
21. Customizing overview and tools,
22. Master data interfaces,
23. Posting and documents,
24. Account balance,
25. Correspondence,
26. Payments,
27. Forwarding of postings to the general ledger Interfaces.


SAP for Insurance:

1. Claims Management.
2. Main business objects,
3. Access modes,
4. Claim notification process,
5. Claim creation in notification mode,
6. Duplicate check,
7. Policy snapshot,
8. Data capture,
9. Coverage validation and coverage referrals,
10. Task overview/Performer and task assignment Claim handling process,

11. Handling claims in expert mode,
12. Participants,
13. Damaged objects and Injured persons,
14. Subclaims
15. ,Claim items,
16. External service and catalog integration,
17. Negotiation,
18. Litigation,
19. Reserves,
20. Claim fulfillment process
21. Compensation Calculation
22. Payments Create Payment & Payment Types
23. Compensation calculation Payment authorization Transfer to FS-CD
24. Further payment features
25. External Bill
26. Review Claim
27. Recovery Process
28. Refund Subrogation
29. Salvage Multiple
30. Insurance Claim
31. Management supporting features
32. Incoming documents Outbound correspondence Notes
33. Incentive & Commission Management for Insurance
34. Value-oriented commissions Liability Remuneration scheduling Actual commission Connecting and transferring data to invoicing systems
35. Using and structuring reports,
36. analyses Remuneration inquiry Portal:
37. Sales Representative
38. Transfer framework Entitlement and liability transfers
39. Portfolio Assignment Transfer of Portfolio Assignments Portal:
40. Credential Manager

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