SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions

SAP BI ABAP Interview Questions

SAP BI ABAP Interview Question And Answers:

Q. What is table partition ?

SAP is using fact table partitioning to improve the performance. you can partition only on 0CALMONTH or 0FISCPER.

Q. How would you convert a info package group into a process chain ?
Double Click on the info package grp, click on the ‘Process Chain Maint’ button and type in the name and description; the individual info packages are inserted automatically.

Q. How do you replace a query result from a master query to a child query ?
If you select characteristic value with replacement path then it used the results from previous query; for ex: let us assume that u have query Q1 which displays the top 10 customers, we have query Q2 which gets the top 10 customers for info object 0customer with as a variable with replacement path and display detailed report on the customers list passed from Q1.

Q. What is modeling ?
It is an art of designing the data base. The design of DB depends on the schema and the schema is defined as representation of tables and their relationships.

Q. What is an info cube ?
Info cube is structured as star schema (extended) where a fact table is surrounded by different dim table that are linked with DIM-ids. And the data wise, you will have aggregated data in the cubes.

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