SAP Basis Interview Questions

SAP Basis Interview Questions

SAP Basis Interview Question And Answers:

Q. What is SAP Basis?

SAP basis acts as an operating system or a platform for SAP applications to run. It supports the entire range of SAP applications.

Q. What is the difference between Developer Trace, System Log and System Trace?
1. System Trace: When you want to record internal SAP system activities, system trace is used. The trace is useful in diagnosis internal problems within SAP system and the host system.
2. System Log : To know the recent logs for application server and CI, System log is referred.
3. Developer Trace: In the event of problems, developer trace, records the technical information about the error or problem
For problem analysis and system monitoring Developer trace or System log is used.

Q. In a situation where My SAP system is down (Users unable to login to SAP system), how to analyze the problem?
1. Check the Database status
2. SAP services
3. SAP management console ( Dispatcher, IGS and Message Server)
4. You need to find out trace root on the basis of point at serial no ( c ).

Q. What is private mode?
In private mode, the heap data is exclusively allocated by the user and is no more shared or available across the system. This occurs when your extended memory is exhausted.

Q. What is OSP$ mean?
Two users “OPS$adm” and “OPS$SAP” Service are created in your SAP system and to connect and communicate with database internally this user mechanism is used.

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