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SAP SuccessFactors Online Training

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training by Experts, Live SAP Success Factors Training Online Classes Certification Material Our Institutes in Hyderabad Bangalore USA Canada Singapore Australia and Dubai Certification Training Job Support 24/7 Server Access Placement Assistance* Pay Installments Resume Preparation.

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training Course Content

All “SAP-HR” projects, clients are migrating to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HCM as SAP Labs itself acquired SuccessFactors and pruning SAP-HR out from the development market. IF everything is changing towards Success Factors, what makes you to stop at SAP-HR only?

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training differs from traditional SAP training and certification and has many activities that are extremely different for SAP Consultants who have undertaken SAP HCM training.

For SuccessFactors Training Demo Video


Introduction to Mastery.

Module-1: Mastery- Introduction

  • Learn the products
  • Instance, Provisioning explanation
  • Basic company settings in Provisioning
  • Creating administrators.
  • Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  • Administrator tools
  • Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
  • Commonly used terms
  • Admin Privileges
  • Setting up company Logos
  • Manage Data User Records
  • Employee Data File
  • Permissions
  • Password Policies
  • Email Notifications
  • Change engine configuration
  • Text Customization in Instance
  • Rating Scales
  • Route Maps
  • Launching forms
  • Employee Profile
  • XML and Data models
  • Pick lists
  • Role Based Permissioning
  • Reporting
  • Set up process dashboards
  • Rating Scale Dashboards
  • Create Interactive Dashboards
  • Reporting Admin
  • Manage Report Permissions
  • List view reports
  • Spotlight view reports
  • Spread sheet reports
  • Classic reports
  • Adhoc reports
  • Final Exercise.


Module-2: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM Module

  • 1. Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
  • Data models and DTDs
  • Employee Central Structure
  • Data model Management
  • Data model Associations
  • Enable employee central and RBP
  • Update employee details
  • ESS/MSS functionality
  • Understanding security
  • Managing security with RBP
  • EC as a system of record
  • EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  • Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  • Creating and modifying associations
  • Propagations
  • Importing users and data
  • Mass Changes
  • Customizing employee files
  • Customizing CSF for employee files
  • Position Management
  • Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  • EC Payroll Integration
  • MDF Overview
  • MDF Objects creation
  • Rules setup
  • Final Exercise.


Module-3: Recruitment Management.

  • Introduction to Recruitment
  • Instance Setup
  • Applicant Status
  • Recruiting Operators
  • Recruiting Resources
  • Enable Job Requisition
  • Create job Requisition
  • Configure Job Requisition Template
  • Requisition Field Permissions
  • Configure Job Search Fields
  • Requisition Picklists
  • Requisition Headers & Footers
  • Candidate Profile
  • Candidate Screening Questions
  • Offer Approval Template
  • Offer Letter Template
  • Generate Offer
  • Setting up Agencies
  • Email Templates
  • Final Exercise.

SAP WORK FLOW Online Training


Workflow Architecture
Creating Task
Agent Assignment
Organizational Structure
Business Object Repository
Those Exceptions in workflow
Basic Step Types
Advanced Step Types
Reminders and escalations
Deadline Monitoring
Workflow Runtime Tools
Processing work item
Consistency Check
Testing workflow
Workflow Log
Trouble shooting workflow
Workflow customization
Forwarding and substitutes
Approval Matrix
Workflow Reporting Tools
Workflow Administration
Types of workflows
Workflow tables
Triggering techniques
Workflow Scenarios
Frequently Used Tools
Development Cycle

SAP ABAP HR Online Training

SAP ABAP HR Online Training Course Content

Human Resource Essentials
HR programming
Custom Infotype creation and enhancements
Basic Payroll
Payroll Programming
Final Evaluation
Misc Topics

SAP HR HCM Online Training

SAP HR/HCM is one of the important modules in ERP SAP. SAP HR/HCM manages all functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in organisation. It consist various sub components such as Personnel Management, Organisational Management (OM), Time Management and Payroll.
SAP HR/ HCM module is integrated with other modules such as Financial Accounting (FI), and Controlling (CO).

SAP HCM Online Training Course content
SAP HR/HCM online Training key topics:

Introduction to SAP HR
Organization Management
Enterprise Structure / Personal Structure
Personal Administration
Payroll (UK, GB, Ireland, Netherland, US and India )
Time Management
Travel Management

SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Online Training Course Details

SAP Business objects data services is an ETL tool used for data marts, ODS system, etc. Ensure complete and accurate information with enterprise class solution for data integration and data quality. User-define standards are published in a custom Cleansing Package which is usable by Data Services through the Data Cleanse transform. SAP BODS Certification Online Training enhances to move data from any applications into SAP Business suite deployment and master the data management.

SAP BODS Certification Training Overview

Spiritsofts main objective is to providing SAP BODS 4.x training to enhance administration, performance tuning and metadata management. Understand the requirements of learner and sessions are designed to module accordingly by 11+ years of real time experienced IT Professionals with hands-on.

SAP BODS Online Training Course Content

Introduction to BODS
Basics of BODS
Data profiling and Query Transform
Working with Files
Platform Transforms Overview
Data Integrator Transforms
Metadata Management
Management Console
BODS Scripting Language
Error Handling in BODS
Performance optimization in BODS - Part 1
Performance optimization in BODS - Part 2
Using BODS Metadata
Possible Alternative Topics

SAP FIORI SAPUI5 Online Training

SAP Fiori Online Training by Real time experts, Learn Online SAP UI5 Training  with Course Material Live Instructor Led classes by SAP Fiori Training in Hyderabad Canada USA Singapore and Australia Pay Installments* Free Demo Job Support Real time Scenarios.

SAP FIORI, UI5 & Odata Demo Video 

SAP FIORI, SAPUI5, SAP Odata/SAP Netweaver Gateway Training Course Content


    • Creating our first web page
    • Understanding Markup language


  • Web Forms
  • Linking to Pages



Cascade Style sheet

  • External style sheet
  • Font properties
  • Box model, padding, border, margin, padding.
  • Classes, Div and Span
  • working with colours and Background images


Java Script

  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Java Script forms
  • Java Script event
  • Validation in Java Script
  • Java Script Operations
  • Java Script Regular Expression
  • Java Script Arrays
  • Java Script Objects
  • Java Script prototype



  • SAPUI5 Controls, XML View, Messages
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Architecture of SAPUI5 and Embedded and HUB Deployment
  • JSON Model, Resource Model, OData Model
  • Component and Manifest in SAPUI5
  • Fragments, Custom Formatters, Data Types
  • Property, Element, Aggregation Binding.
  • Navigation in SAPUI5 using Route and Targets
  • CRUD Operations in SAPUI5
  • Deploying Standard and Custom Applications in Eclipse and Web IDE
  • Extending Standard SAP Fiori Applications



  • Introduction to SAP FIORI
  • SAP Fiori Design Principles
  • SAP Fiori Architecture
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Fiori Designer
  • Creating Tiles, Catalog, Group, Roles for adding Application to Fiori.


SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

  • Creating OData Service in SAP Netweaver Gateway (Code Based)
  • Reading and filtering data (Code Based)
  • Development life cycle of SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment
  • Creating, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based)
  • Function Import (Code Based)
  • File Upload and download (Code Based)
  • Map to Data Source
  • Service Generation using RFC
  • Testing Gateway services



  • Generating OData Service using ABAP CDS Views
  • Developing SAPUI5 application using ABAP CDS Views


Data Dictionary

  • ABAP Dictionary Introduction
  • Data Elements
  • Domains
  • Data Base Tables
  • Structures
  • Table Maintenance Generator
  • Views
  • Search Help
  • Lock Objects


Data Types in ABAP
Programming Structure in ABAP

  • Selection Screen – Parameter,Slect-option, Ranges
  • Internal Table and WorkArea
  • Line Type and Row Type
  • Exceptionsc
  • Internal table Operators
  • Variants
  • SQL Statement
  • Package and Transport Request.


Reusability Concepts

  • MACROS/li>



  • Debugging Techniques Introduction
  • Break-points
  • Watch points and call stack
  • Dynamically changing internal tables contents in Debugging Editor



  • Classical Reports
  • Interactive Report
  • ALV Report
  • HotSpot
  • Hide
  • ALV Reports
  • Interactive ALV Reports


Performance Tuning

  • Index creation
  • Partitioning
  • Hash Partition
  • Merge Partition
  • Round Robin Partition
  • Multi-Level Partition
  • Table Redistribution



  • Object Oriented ABAP Overview
  • Defining a Class
  • Implementing a Class,Object
  • Attribute and Method.
  • Constructors
  • Static and Instance Method
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces
  • Abstract Class
  • Casting – Narrow and Widening Casting
  • OOPs ALV



  • BADIs Overview
  • Defining a BADI
  • Implementing a BADI
  • Enhancement Points
  • Explicit and Implicit Enhancements

Simple Finance Training

SAP S4HANA Online Training by Spiritsofts with Experts ✓Course Material ✓Live Classes ✓Free Demo ✓Best Institute Online SAP S/4HANA Training ✓Interview Questions ✓Pay in Installments*

Learn SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance Training by Certified Professionals, Spiritsofts providing expert level Instructor led classes online. Certification Guidance, Resume Preparation, Job Support, Interview Questions and Answers. We are also providing Classroom Training, Corporate training and Self Faced Training Video Tutorial Classes,

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Key FeaturesCourse ContentFAQs
 45 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers

SAP S/4 HANA Online Training Course Content

Overview of S/4HANA

  • Introducing SAP HANA
  • Introducing SAP S/4HANA
  • Journey from SAP HANA to SAP S/HANA
  • Key Facts about SAP S/4HANA
  • Differences between SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA
  • Latest Versions of the software
  • Deployment Options


Overview of the S/4HANA Finance functions & Features

  • Introducing Simple Finance
  • Introducing Simple Finance Add-on
  • Advantages of Simple Finance
  • Universal Journal Entry
  • Prima Nota in Simple Finance
  • Simulation: Analyzing Universal Journal Entry table: ACDOCA
  • Simulation: How to Extend General Ledger Coding Block
  • Tables Replaced with HANA Views and Back Up Tables
  • Simulation: Display Financial Tables in Simple Finance
  • Effect on Existing Programs and Interfaces built on the Tables Replaced
  • Key Innovations within SAP Simple Finance
  • Providing an overview of Reporting Options
  • Introducing SAP Fiori
    • Transactional Apps
    • Analytical Apps
    • Fact Sheets
  • Simulation: Post G/L Document in Fiori.
  • Simulation: How to Open/Close Posting Periods in Fiori for Company Codes and Ledgers
  • Simulation: Display Financial Statements Versions in Fiori


General Ledger Accounting

  • Manage Multiple Ledgers and Multiple Currency Types for Company Codes
    • Leading Ledger
    • Non-Leading Ledger
    • Extension Ledger aka Appendix Ledger
    • Stacked Ledger
  • Simulation: Post Documents in Multiple Ledgers , In Multiple Currencies and in Multiple Periods and Analyze the results
  • Accounting Principles
  • Simulation: Run FC valuation with new features
  • Overview on G/L Account Types
  • Merge of Cost Elements and G/L Accounts
  • Simulation: How to Create Primary Cost Element
  • Simulation: How to Create Secondary Cost Element
  • Simulation: How to create an Asset Accounts as a Statistical Cost Element
  • Simulation: Create Default Account Assignment
  • Simulation: Mange Posting Periods for Company codes /Ledgers
  • Simulation: Post Secondary Cost to Financial Accounting
  • Simulation: Create an Extension Ledger and post a document to it.
  • Configure Document Splitting Settings


New Asset Accounting

  • Overview on Business Functions to be activated
  • New Functions in FI-AA (New)
  • Effects on Existing Settings (Transactions, Programs, etc.)
  • Overview and Simulation on Changes for users
    • Document Entry
    • Document Display
    • Asset Explorer
    • Depreciation Run
  • Test the FI-AA processes (acquisitions, retirements, depreciation) in SFIN2.0
  • Overview on Account Approach and Ledger Approach
  • Integration with the Universal Journal Entry
  • Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting
  • Overview on New Architecture in FI-AA
  • Simulation: Create Assets
  • Simulation: Post Integrated Asset Acquisitions
  • Simulation: Post a Partial Scrapping to an Asset
  • Simulation: Execution Depreciation posting run and Analyzing the Log
  • Simulation: Manage Depreciation Runs



  • Understanding the new architecture of Controlling Module
  • Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting
    • Define a document types for postings in Controlling
    • Define document type mapping variant for CO business transactions
    • Check and Default values for posting in controlling
    • Define Ledger group for CO version
  • Explain COPA and Material Ledger in simple Finance
  • Simulation: Post and Analyze Cost of Goods Sold
  • Simulation: Process Purchase to Invoice (Material Ledger update)
  • Simulation: Repost costs with/without Ledger Group specific and Analyze the accounting entry created.
  • Simulation: How to check the configuration for Splitting Price Differences
  • Simulation: Post Price Differences: Variance Categories of Production Order


Central Finance

  • Overview on OSS notes to be Implemented in Source System and Central Finance System
  • Overview on Business Functions to be Activated for Central Finance
  • Overview on Central Finance Architecture
  • Overview on Interfaces in Central Finance
  • Overview on Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Configure Settings for Central Finance
    • General Settings
    • Mapping
    • Initial Load Settings
  • Overview on tables set up in SLT
  • Simulation: Initial Data Loading
  • Simulation: Replicate FI and CO Master Records from source system to Central Finance system
  • Simulation: Replicate FICO documents, Only CO document and Cost Objects (Internal Orders, Maintenance Orders, Process Orders)
  • Simulation: Replicate Document Changes, Reversal, Payment Document
  • Simulation: Replicate Accounting Document from P2P cycle and OTC cycle and analyze the results
  • Simulate: Document splitting test Cases from source system (Where New G/l was not activated) to Central Finance
  • Overview on Application Interface Framework (AIF)
  • How to Monitoring and Error Handling in AIF
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SAP BO Admin Training

SAP BO Admin Training Course Content
BOBI 4.1 Architecture

BO Application Knowledge
Publics Folders
Security Modeling
BO Services
FRS – File repository Server
Web Server Management Application
Distributing content using scheduling and alerting

Deployments/promotions/Transportations – Promotion Management
Upgrade Management Tool (UTM)
CMC preferences