Advanced Controlling Online Training

Advanced Controlling Online Training

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  50 hours of Instructor Training Classes                            24/7 Support

 Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions                              Practical Approach

 Real World use cases and Scenarios                                 Expert & Certified Trainers

CC Accounting :

  • CC Allocations, Distribution, Assessment, Periodic Re-posting
  • Activity allocations(direct/indirect) Splitting
  • Activity price calculation(plan &actual) …etc


Profit Center Accounting :

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data
  • Planning
  • Actual Posting



  • SD -> COPA mapping
  • IO/CC -> COPA settlement
  • Prod order variance -> COPA settlement
  • Sales order -> COPA settlement
  • COPA Valuations(Valuation using Condition types, valuation using Mat cost estimates, Periodic valuation)
  • Top-down distribution of actual data
  • Characteristic derivations
  • COPA summarization levels, reports (segment level/line item reports)..etc


PP Module :

  • BOM, Routing
  • Production order types, Order type dependent parameters
  • Prod order creation, Prod order confirmation
  • WIP / Variance calculation Prod order settlements ..etc


Product Cost Planning:


  1. Multilevel costing with multiple plants, Transfer Control, Special Procurement Types
  2. Mixed costing with Procurement alternatives and Mixing Ratios
  • Moving Average Price/Standard price
  • Automatic and Unit Cost Estimate
  • Reference and Simulation Costing
  • Creating a cost estimate w/o quantity structure
  • Creating a cost estimate with quantity structure
  • PP : BOM /Routing ,Internal/External activities
  • Origin Groups
  • Cost component structure,costing valuation variants etc
  • Creating and releasing std cost estimates/ modified std
    cost estimates(CK40N) …etc


Actual Costing ML :

Price determination 2/3 with price control S

Scenario : Muti-level costing with Multiple Valuation Approaches

  • Activty allocations /price calculations
  • Material consumptions, Overhead calculations
  • PP: Prod order creation/confirmation/Settlement
  • Actual cost component split
  • Costing cockpit (CKMLCP)
  • Single/Muti level price determination
  • Revaluation of consumptions
  • Closing entries
  • Material price analysis (CKM3)…etc


Product costing by prod order :

Scenario : Muti-level costing / MTS

  • Activty allocations /price calculations
  • Material consumptions
  • PP: Prod order creation/confirmation/Settlement
  • Revaluation at Actual prices
  • Overhead Calculation
  • RA: WIP Posting \reversal
  • Variance calculation (Target cost versions, Scrap variance, Variance categories )
  • Variance settlement to FI, COPA
  • Reports for Product Cost by Order
  • Line items for Variances
  • Line items for WIP/Result Analysis
  • Prod Order Cost Analysis
  • Display CO-PA line items


IO :

  • Statistical & Real IOs
  • IO to CC settlement
  • IO to COPA settlement
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